Let's Welcome LeGarrette Blount Back To Oregon Football With Open Arms

Bryan GoldbergSenior Writer IOctober 2, 2009

LeGarrette Blount embarrassed himself, and made his college look bad.

He proved to be a lousy decision-maker. A terrible decision-maker. Heck, he probably had his brain turned off entirely.

Was he on drugs? Probably not, though the way he acted, one might think he was on crack.

Blount acted like a kid.

And not a very sharp kid.

Sound familiar?

Yup, that pretty much sums up my entire four-year collegiate experience.

And that's why he should get a second chance. Because he's a kid. A college kid who made a really dumb mistake. A college kid...just like some of you or I used to be.

A lot of grown men and women choose not to talk about their college experiences in great detail. We here in America like to close the book on our four years once we begin life in the "real world." With good reason.

College is all about mistakes. It's about learning from text books, as well as from our real-world experiences. It's a time to test out our judgement, to enjoy the good times, and learn from the bad.

Every year, colleges deal with these realities. Every year, some students make mistakes, usually involving drugs and alcohol. Some never wake up. Thankfully, most do. And we learn from it.

Every year, colleges deal with politics and drama. Some students try to cheat, others get depressed and stop doing their work. Some have trouble paying. Some drop out. Everybody has that friend who gets his or her heart torn apart, turns to drugs, or attempts suicide.

That's college.

The only difference between the rest of us and Blount?

Millions of people didn't watch me every time I took an extra shot of whiskey, or every time I said something stupid, or started a pointless fight.

Should he be held to a higher standard? No. He doesn't get paid. He doesn't get paid a penny to take the field.

Maybe one day he'll be a millionaire running back. And maybe one day your dormmate will leverage his college education to get a job on Wall Street making millions.

But that is for tomorrow.

And no college student should be robbed of their chance for a good tomorrow.

If LeGarrette Blount is guilty of a crime so heinous that he deserves no second chance, then so too are millions of his critics. They just choose to forget what life was like in college.

It's easy to throw stones.

Try throwing one at the mirror.