Faces Are Dominating the WWE? What Show Are You Watching?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 2, 2009

One thing I have been hearing lately is that the WWE is mistreating their heels.

That the heels are being put down and the faces are the only ones dominating. I think that is complete crap, and whoever thinks otherwise needs to read this.

Right now we have three heels holding titles in the WWE in Big Show and Chris Jericho with the Unified Tag Titles and CM Punk with the World Heavyweight Championship. They are all doing well, tooShow and Jericho make trips to both RAW and SmackDown a good bit.

Jericho is a floater heel, competing a good bit on both shows. However, the champs have yet to make an ECW show, despite being able to do so on numerous occasions.

It could be because there are no face tag teams on the brandbut I digress.

Show and Jericho have been main-eventing a good bit, and before they were the tag champions, they were still main-eventing a lot. Show was even in the World Heavyweight Title match at Wrestlemania 25.

Jericho had a huge build up to the PPV as well, then won the Intercontinental Title a few times and had a pretty good program with Rey Mysterio.

CM Punk has won two World Titles in the past few months, and went over on the most over man in the company at the time in Jeff Hardy. He also technically went over on The Undertaker to retain his title at Breaking Point.

He has done great, and has gotten a good bit of camera time.

But they are not the only heels getting some attention; you also have The Miz and Jack Swagger.

The Miz has gotten a big push since coming to RAW in the draft. He went over a bit on John Cena, has been doing a pretty good program with Kofi Kingston, and could be U.S. Champion after Sunday.

Jack Swagger has been getting a push since coming to RAW, too, but before he left ECW, he was a former champion there and was in the hunt to win another. But the WWE decided to put him on RAW to get him more exposure and possibly be a rising heel there.

Then we have The Legacy.

Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Ted DiBiase have been on RAW a lot since becoming a faction. However, before they were affiliated with Orton, DiBiase and Rhodes were tag champions together. They lost their tag titles to Cena and Batista, but then won them back.

They were the champions up until DiBiase had to leave to film The Marine 2 back in 2008. They decided it would be best to punt him out of action and make it believable for him to be out a while.

He then came back and ended up joining Legacy with Rhodes and Orton and they have been together since. They have main-evented a good bit, but of course Orton got most of the fame.

However, being attached to Orton made Rhodes and DiBiase increase in popularity.

The stupidity of some people who think Orton has to be over all the time makes me angry, though. The dude has been main-eventing since coming back from injury, and has the biggest feud of the year leading up to Wrestlemania.

Of course the match was not wonderful, but the storyline was. Orton was over a lot in it, too. He took out Vince McMahon to start it all, then Stephanie (twice), and of course, Shane.

Orton won the WWE Title at Backlash, then held on to it for a while before losing it at Extreme Rules to Batista, a move I question a lot. Considering Batista was injured three weeks before ER and the WWE knew he had to leave for surgery, the WWE could easily have Orton retain and punt Batista out of action at the PPV.

It was already a Steel Cage match, for crying out loud! Have him hurt his arm with a chair, then punt him in the head.

But the WWE decided to hurt Batista the day after the PPV, then have a title match the following week, which Orton won.

Orton then held the title for a few months before losing to John Cena. He had the title for months, and the moment John Cena gets the belt, Orton marks are mad? Seriously, he can't always be champion, there has to be times where he loses for storyline reasons.

Cena has held the title a lot over his time, but to be angry he is holding it and Orton is not is complete nonsense. Cena is massively popular and having him champion is good for business, but despite all of that, the WWE let Orton hold the title off and on for months.

Also, he continues to be on TV every week and main-events all the time.

If he loses this Sunday, Orton fans should still not be angry. Cena would only have held the title for two months, and Orton will be in a storyline with Legacy member Ted DiBiase.

DiBiase is supposed to be turning face and leaving Legacy this month, which Orton cannot be WWE Champion for.

Why, you ask?

Because DiBiase is not a realistic number one contender, Cena would be rightfully given his rematch, and it would not be a sensible storyline.

Also, you could have the WWE Title storyline going while having the DiBiase/Orton one going on at the same time. It is far better for business, of course.

Orton is not misused at all, believe me. If anything, he is used too much.

A guy many think is misused would be Chavo Guerrero. I have to agree, yet disagree a little, too.

Chavo should be in storylines with other mid-card talent, yet he is in one with Hornswoggle. Chavo held the ECW Title last year, yet after that he seemed to be an afterthought.

But right now, he is on RAW every week, sometimes more than once a night. So, instead of not having a storyline at all, he at least has one. Whether it's a good one or not, he is getting TV time.

Then we get to Edge; while he may be turning face when he comes back, he has been a heel this year.

He has held a few World Titles, competed in two Elimination Chamber matches, and a ladder match. And before he was injured, he was one half of the Unified Tag Champions.

Not to mention, like Orton, he was on TV every week and main-evented a lot. He was in more matches total than anyone in the WWE before his injury, as well.

Faces are dominating? I don't think that is such a true statement.

I'm just saying.


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