Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2009

A losing season…

What a waste….

We've fallen....and we can't get up....

We've fallen....and we can't get up....

Prince Fielder had his (arguably) best season

Wasted on a sub-.500 team

Ryan Braun had another stellar season

Wasted on a sub-.500 team

Yovani Gallardo’s ace-like first full season

Wasted on a sub-.500 team

Trevor Hoffman proving to be ageless for another year

Wasted on a sub-.500 team

Casey McGehee’s dream season

Wasted on a sub-.500 team

RFB’s biggest year as far as website hits are concerned

Well…You’ve seen the updates since the Brewers fell out…It was wasted…

I’m not mad…the Brewers hustled and tried as hard as possible all year. Some relievers tried so hard, that their arms will be feeling the summer of 09 for YEARS. I’m also glad I was able to go to about a bunch of games…time at Miller Park is never wasted for this fan.

I’m just sad…sad that all this good was wasted on yet another losing season in Brew City.

Some might be saying “But you’re a Brewer fan; you’re used to losing”. True, but there was too much talent on this team and on the coaching staff to be a sub-.500 team. Other years, sure..the Brewers would lose but we expected them to. I mean when John VanderWal is your starter, of course a losing season will be ok. But this year was supposed to showcase the new Brewers. The Brewers that made a postseason appearance and looked poised to maybe make another one. And there were some amazing personal milestones, but the game of baseball is all about the entire team. Now the team isn’t even going to win 81 games. We’ve been joking that it’s 2005 all over again…it’s worse…it’s like 1996

Over the next couple days, weeks, even months, people are going to assign blame. Is Ken Macha to blame? Are Corey Hart and JJ Hardy to blame? Is CC Sabathia to blame? Is Doug Melvin to blame? Is the loss of Mike Maddux to blame? Is the economy to blame?

Does it really matter?


What matters now to the fans is what the team decides to do…

Will the organization realize that their window is closing and make a huge push in the offseason, since they were probably one of the fewer teams to make money this past year?

Or will the organization clean house and bust everything up so much that, once again, most Milwaukeeans have no idea who’s on the team?

I don’t know…

All I know is that this was a wasted year for the Brewers…

But hey, it could be worse…

We could have signed Milton Bradley and watch him destroy the season

(At least we would know who to blame)