Smackdown: Bound For Greatness Episode 1

anonymous guyCorrespondent IOctober 2, 2009

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first ever episode of Smackdown: Bound for Greatness!

I know all of you guys have read the ECW and the Raw articles lately and I must say that I’m very proud to be back in the saddle again! We’ve all been watching as the WWE slowly crumbles itself down to the ground and we all just wish that Vince would open his eyes and end most of this crap that he has going on:

1. Guest Hosts of Raw + 2hrs. = BORING!

2. Evan Bourne being buried + Carlito left off of TV = BORING!!

3. John Cena somehow “hulking-up” after a lot of punishment + Orton being portrayed as a spineless coward and weak champion = BORING!!!

Hmm…, have you guys noticed that all of those top three equations are happening on Raw? Hmm…, oh well, thank God for Greg Bush! Lol

For Raw go to Greg Bush’s profile.

For ECW go to Juan’s profile.

Now that all of the commercials and gripes are out of the way, let’s get this show on the road!

The show opens up with a video showing how CM Punk and Teddy Long screwed over The Undertaker at Breaking Point, then the video slows down and shows The Undertaker kidnapping Long as the screen fades to black. The video then shows the druids bringing a casket down to the ring and Teddy Long lifting the ban on the Undertaker’s “Hell’s Gate finisher”. The video finally shows how Punk outsmarted Taker and picked up a cheap victory.

The opening video and theme then plays and the show began! The pyro exploded loudly as we are welcomed by Todd Grisham and Jim Ross!

J.R.: Welcome folks to an exciting night of WWE Smackdown! I’m good ole Sooner born J.R. Jim Ross and I’m joined by my partner in crime, Todd Grisham! And folks tonight is the 10 year Anniversary of Smackdown and we have a huge main event tonight!

Todd: That’s right folks as the Unified Tag Team Champs, Chris Jericho and The Big Show teams with the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk to take on The Undertaker and two mystery partners that he hand-picked to join him in this match-up!

J.R.: Oh boy that’s going to be a slobber knocker for sure folks and also tonight, we have the Hart Dynasty taking on Dolph Ziggler and Intercontinental Champion, John Morrison! What a night we have going!

(All of a sudden, Mr. McMahon’s Theme hits and he along with Shane McMahon come strolling down to the ring to a massive pop!)

Shane: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown! Tonight, me and my dad have a huge announcement to make regarding the screw-job in Montreal at Breaking Point!

(The crowd boo’s tremendously as Vince slowly raises the microphone to get ready to speak.)

Vince: Yes, that’s right. You see for the past few weeks, I’ve been breathing down the neck of that worthless piece of monkey-crap jabroni…

(The live audience pops as Vince sounds like a familiar someone. Shane then leans over to Vince and whispers something in his ear.)

 Vince: Oh I apologize, it’s just that I got kind of carried away a little bit, I mean I am on Smackdown and it is the 10 Year Anniversary, so why not, but anyway I’ve been breathing down the neck of your GM Teddy Long for quite some time now and he has yet to deliver some pure entertainment for all of you!

So tonight in this very ring… Teddy Long will have one final chance to prove himself worthy of holding the position of GM of Smackdown by having a one on one no disqualification match with a special someone…

(Vince slowly turns around and points at Shane. The crowd jumps to their feet and pops for this announcement!)

My son Shane O’ Mac! If Teddy somehow wins tonight, then he may keep his GM position, but if he loses, then he’ll be… FIRED!

(The audience pops as Vince’s theme hits and we cut to CM Punk and Teddy Long in Long’s office looking at the monitor.)

Punk: Ha-ha! Well Teddy, um… do you need any help cleaning out your office? Ha-ha! Oh well, you can always go and strip in Mexico for a living! Ha-ha! But in all seriousness though, good luck because you’re going to need it.

(Punk walks out of Long’s office and Long looks back at the monitor in sadness as he knows his job is in serious danger. We cut to commercial.)

We return with Michelle McCool standing in the ring.

McCool: Tonight we will have a one on one match between Maria and Layla. The winner will give the power of choosing the kind of match that Melina and I will have at Hell in a Cell in 2 days to either me or that celebrity reject, Melina. I’ll be in Layla’s corner and Melina will be in that slut, Maria’s corner. So without further ado, I introduce to you, Layla!

(Layla struts down to the ring with a very confident look on her face as she and Michelle hug in the center of the ring.)

Then Maria’s theme hits and she along with Melina come down to the ring as the match begins.

One-on-One Singles Match

Maria w/ Melina vs Layla w/ Women’s Champion Michelle McCool

Maria and Layla begin exchanging words and end up getting into each other’s faces. Layla pushes Maria in the face. Maria then goes back and pushes Layla in the face. Layla then throws a right hand, but Maria blocked the shot and clotheslines Layla down to the mat. Maria then gets Layla up to her feet and throws her into the corner. Maria appeals to the live audience and then charges forward towards Layla, but she quickly dodges the shoulder of Maria and Maria’s shoulder smacks the ring post and she falls to the outside of the ring.

Layla distracts the ref and McCool begins to viciously stomp on Maria. She then rolls Maria back into the ring. Layla runs off of the ropes and delivers a hellacious leg drop onto Maria and goes for the cover. 1…2… Maria’s leg was on the bottom rope as Melina is on the outside cheering Maria on. Layla gets Maria up to her feet and drives her into the corner with a shoulder block. Layla stands up and runs to Maria and splashes her into the corner.

Maria slowly stumbles out and Layla hits a quick good-looking snap suplex onto Maria and goes for another cover, 1…2… Maria kicks out and Layla looks frustrated. Layla sets up for her finisher as Maria slowly gets to her feet in a daze. Layla kicks Maria in the gut and goes for her signature spinning neckbreaker, but Maria turns it into a backslide pin attempt, 1…2… Layla kicks out and quickly gets to her feet. She runs to Maria and hits a huge Regal-like knee shot to Maria’s head.

Maria goes down hard. Layla walks around the ring and taunts the downed Maria and Melina on the outside. Melina climbs up onto the apron and the ref goes over to get her off. McCool enters the ring and drops her title onto the mat. Layla gets Maria up and holds her for McCool. McCool charged to Maria, but Maria ducked and McCool accidently kicks Layla and Maria picks up the title. McCool turns to Maria and gets hit hard in the face with the title and she rolls out to the floor in pain. Maria throws out the title and covers Layla, 1-2-3! Its over and Melina gets into the ring and celebrates with Maria. The fans pop big and the ref hands Melina the microphone.

Melina: Thank you so much sweetie!

(She hugs Maria again and the crowd pops.)

I owe big time. As for you Michelle, in two days at Hell in a Cell, I want you in the first ever Divas Ladder Match!

(The fans pop massively and McCool looks extremely shocked at the news and drops to her knees.)

So go rest up babe because on that night, your Women’s Title is mine!

Melina holds Maria’s hand up in victory and stares down McCool as we cut to commercial.

We return with CM Punk in his locker room taping up his hands and all of a sudden he looks up and smiles. He stands up and the camera zooms out to reveal that Jericho and Show had walked into his locker room.

Jericho:  So, if it isn’t the WWE’s first ever Straight Edged World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk. I hope you’re as prepared as we are for tonight, as we have something to prove to all of these idiotic parasites known as the WWE Universe.

Punk: Oh, I’m ready Chris, I’m also ready for this Sunday, when I retain my World Title against a painkiller taking, beer guzzling, addict, known as the Undertaker! But let’s put all that aside for tonight. We have a six man tag-team match against The Undertaker and two more guys that he hand-picked. By the way, do you have any idea on who the dead guy picked?

Show: Ha! I’ll tell you who he picked, it doesn’t even matter. Because with our wits, experience, and gold on our side, there is no way he will beat us tonight. I garuan-damn-tee you that he won’t even make it to Hell in a Cell this Sunday.

(CM Punk laughs as Jericho and Big Show leaves the screen. We cut to commercial.)

We return with Justin Roberts in the ring.

Roberts: This bout is scheduled for one fall! It is a Fatal Four Way Match-up!

(R-Truth’s theme hits and he comes out dancing and rapping through the crowd.) Next out is Drew McIntyre. Before the third man could even come out, R-Truth met Drew  mid way down the ramp and the two began to brawl. Drew got the better of the two and began to deliver some right handed blows to the head of Truth. He grabbed Truth by his hair and brought him up to the top of the stage.

Drew delivers a huge clothesline taking down Truth. Drew taunts the crowd and tries to get Truth up to his feet, but Truth somehow revives and begins to deliver right handed shots to the head of Drew. Drew staggers all the way to the edge of the stage. Truth kicks him in the gut hard and Drew is still at the very edge of the stage.

Truth backs up a few feet and then charges forward and tries to deliver his scissors kick, but Drew moves out of the way and Truth staggers at the edge of the stage. Drew pulls out the brass knuckles and hits Truth in the face hard knocking him off of the stage through some tables!

(The crowd is in disbelief and its mixed reactions everywhere. They begin chanting, “Holy $#!+”)

Tons of WWE officials including Sgt. Slaughter, Michael Hayes, and a few WWE Superstars (Jimmy Wang Yang, Kung Fu Naki, Charlie Haas,  Curt Hawkins, and Cryme Tyme) all come out and begins to check on Truth. We cut to commercial.

We return with the officials still checking on Truth with the paramedics, while Drew is staring down at the broken Truth. He smirks a bit and then begins to slowly stroll to the ring.

Drew: Ladies and gentlemen, what you just saw was only a taste of what you should expect from now on. Truth was a freaking waste of talent and charisma. What did he do every time it was time for him to compete, he’d give a free concert to all of these puke faced little brats each and every time.

Well I couldn’t sit back and watch this great show bury itself with mediocre talent like that. So, since Truth can’t compete, who are the other two peasants that dare step into the ring with Drew McIntyre?

(After about five seconds, Mike Knox’s theme hits as he comes down to the ring)

Then Finlay’s theme hits and he comes down to the ring and he looks very pissed at both Knox and Drew. Then Roberts got into the ring with a card in his hand.

Roberts: Due to the fact that R-Truth can’t compete, this match had become a triple-threat match until a superstar entered himself into the match. The final opponent is all the way from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 245 lbs, Matt Hardy!

(Matt’s theme then hits as the crowd pops huge for their hero.)

Fatal-4-Way Match

Drew McIntyre vs Mike Knox vs Finlay vs Matt Hardy  

When all of the men get into the ring, the bell sounds. Hardy goes straight for Drew and Finlay spears Knox! Hardy has Drew off into the corner and beating him with right and left handed shots. Finlay is stomping away at the downed Knox in the corner. Hardy and Finlay look at each other and then they both began to slowly approach each other.

Drew and Knox both got up behind Hardy and Finlay. Finlay quickly clotheslines Drew and Hardy quickly takes down Knox. Hardy gets Knox up and throws him out of the ring then Hardy goes out onto the apron and delivers a huge leg drop on the downed Knox. Finlay has Drew sitting on the top rope and Finlay climbs up and delivers a big time superplex.

He goes for the cover, 1…2… Drew kicks out and we cut to commercial.

We return with Hardy being thrown into the steel steps by Knox. Knox then gets into the ring and hits a huge STO to Finlay. He covers him, 1…2… Drew breaks up the pin. Knox gets up and begins to approach Drew, but Drew goes between the second and third rope and asks the ref to make Knox back off.

Knox turns around to back to work on Finlay, but as soon as he turns around, Drew delivers a chop block to the back of the left leg of Knox. Knox is down to one knee and Drew delivers a Tajiri-like kick to the face of Knox taking him down hard. He then turns to Finlay and gets him up to his feet. Drew hits a beautiful standing dropkick onto Finlay and goes for the cover.

1…2… Finlay just barely kicks out! Drew runs over and tries to cover Knox, 1…2… Knox powers out and Drew looks pissed. Drew then gets up and goes to the top rope and waits. Finlay gets to his feet before Knox and Drew goes for a flying cross body, but Finlay ducks it and Knox ends up catching Drew. Knox then delivers a black hole slam!

Finlay charges to Knox, but Knox hits him hard with his signature bicycle kick. He goes for the cover, 1…2… Hardy elbows Knox in the back of the head. Hardy then begins to hit Knox in the back with some clubbing blows, but Knox shoves Hardy into the corner with his shoulder and then begins to deliver some hard hitting shoulder thrusts.

Knox backs away and taunts the crowd while Hardy is in a daze in the corner. Knox charges ahead and tries to hit his signature bicycle kick on Hardy, but Hardy ducks the shot and Knox gets hung up in the corner.  Hardy rolls Knox up for a cover, but Knox powers out before the ref could get the count.

Drew is back to his feet and as soon as Hardy gets back up to his feet, Drew clotheslines Hardy in the back of the head. Knox slowly stalks the downed Finlay and as soon as he charges, Drew climbs up to the top rope and delivers a missile toe drop kick to the face of Knox. Knox falls hard and rolls out to the arena floor. Finlay gets Drew up and hits the Celtic Cross!

As soon as he gets back to his feet, Hardy turns him around and delivers one hell of a Twist of Fate! He goes for the cover, 1-2-3! It’s over and Matt Hardy wins a huge Fatal-4-Way Match-Up! Hardy begins to celebrate his victory and the camera cuts to Teddy Long and Shane McMahon making their way out to the ring in split screen fashion as their match is next.

We cut to commercial.

Roberts: The following match is a non-disqualification singles match! Introducing first, the General Manager of Friday Night Smackdown, Theodore Long!

(Teddy Long’s theme hits and he comes out looking very sad in his wrestling gear. All of a sudden Shane’s theme hits and he along with Mr. McMahon comes down to the ring.)

Non Disqualification Singles Match

Teddy Long vs Shane McMahon w/ Mr. McMahon

Teddy throws a few punches, but to no avail as Shane dodges each shot. Shane then nails Long hard with a right handed shot knocking him down. Mr. McMahon throws in a Singapore cane and then a steel chair. Shane begins to beat Long with the cane as Long screams in agonizing pain.

Shane then gets the chair and waits for Long to stand up, but Long isn’t moving. Mr. McMahon gets into the ring and holds Long up and Shane hits Long in the head with the chair hard! Shane goes for the cover, but Mr. McMahon tells Shane to get up. Mr. McMahon gets out of the ring and gets a trash can.

He throws it into the ring and Shane climbs up to the top rope. Mr. McMahon gets into the ring and sets Long up in the corner and holds the trashcan in the face of Long. Shane dives and hits the Coast to Coast on Long!

He pulls him out of the corner and goes for the cover, 1-2-3! It’s over, Shane McMahon has demolished Teddy Long!

Vince: Hey Teddy, you put up one hell of a fight and I must say, that I respect you for coming out here, but I made a promise to the WWE Universe and I’m going to honor that promise, Theodore Long… YOU’RE FIRED!

(The crowd explodes with singing, “Nana-na-na, Nana-na-na Hey, hey, hey, good bye!”)

We cut to commercial with the McMahons celebrating.

We return with a video tribute to all 10 years of Smackdown, the video is about 12 minutes long.  Then the video plays slow soft music with a tribute to Eddie Guerrero.

All of a sudden the arena fills up with a very familiar theme song…


The Rock makes a surprise return and walks his way down to the ring. After The Rock gets into the ring, he sulks up all of the cheers from the WWE Universe. Just as he raises the microphone to his mouth, the crowd pops even bigger! He pauses for about 4  minutes then he begins to speak.

Rock:  Finally, The Rock Has Come Back… Home! The Rock has been sitting back in his home up there in Miami, Florida watching Smackdown and The Rock was shocked to see such a huge piece of monkey crap, CM Punk as the World Champ and The Rock said, what would happen if The Rock was to face CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship?

(The crowd explodes in the biggest pop in Smackdown History!)

But The Rock saw how he screwed that big dead jabroni, The Undertaker, and the Rock said, hell no, there is no way, and The Rock means there is no way that CM Punk will retain his title at Hell in a Cell! So The Rock began to think… What if The Rock came back to Smackdown for the 10 Year Anniversary, whoop some candy ass, and lay…

(All of a sudden, CM Punk’s theme hits and he comes out to some massive heat from the fans.)

Who in the blue hell are you?

Punk: I am the WWE’s first ever Straight Edged World Heavyweight Champion, CM…

Rock: It doesn’t matter what your name is! What is your problem you pierced up ffffffffffffffffreak!? What the hell is your problem interrupting the Rock, on the Rock’s time, on the Rock’s Show, Smackdown!?

Punk: Rock, I was sitting backstage listening to your lewd remarks about me and screwing over Taker at Breaking Point, and I just have one thing to say about that, is that you…

(The Rock puts his hand in the face of CM Punk.)

Rock: The Rock says know your damn role, and shut your mouth! You see what you have standing before you at this moment right now is the jabroni beatin, lelelelelelelele la, pie eatin, founder of the Smackdown Hotel, and checking you in on the very top floor in the best suite The Rock can offer, then coming through with something special, oh yeah, the Rock’s got something special for little CM Punk, and It’s called, Layin the Smacketh Down on your roo-dee-poo, candy ass!

If ya smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllleleleleelelelelelelelelelaw, what the Rock, is coo…

(All of a sudden CM Punk snatched the microphone out of the Rock’s hand.)

Punk: You just don’t get it do ya Rock? I am the World Champ and Smackdown is my show now. You’re nothing more than an old washed up shell of your former self, and you need to quit coming back here and saying your same little song and dance that you do so well. And I bet you even took steroids, probably smoked marijuana, I even caught you drinking a few times with that medicine pumped Texan, Stone Cold Steve Austin!

I can’t believe that you got such an ovation when you came out here. People like these damn fans and people like you have no values and you tell your kids that it’s okay to drink and do drugs after a certain age. You people boo men like me, big show, Jericho, and so many more deserving superstars, but you cheer for druggies like Jeff Hardy, The Undertaker, Batista, Rey Mysterio, and most importantly you Rock!

If I wasn’t already in a match tonight, I would take this title and…

(All of a sudden, The Rock snatches the microphone out of Punk’s hand.)

Rock: Screw you, screw your match and your values, but the Rock knows exactly what you can do with that title. The Rock wants you to take that title shine it up reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaal nice, turn that some b!+(# sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass!

(All of a sudden the Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Punk and then hits the People’s Elbow)

If ya smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllelelelelelelelaw, what the Rock is cookin!

(The Rock’s theme hits and he stares down at the fallen Punk as we cut to commercial.)

We return with Justin Roberts in the ring.

Roberts: The following match-up is a tag team contest and it is scheduled for one fall!

(All of a sudden The Hart Dynasty comes out to the ring with some evil smirks on their faces.)

 And then Dolph Ziggler’s theme hits and he comes out to the ring. Then out comes Morrison with the Intercontinental title.

Tag Team Contest

The Hart Dynasty vs Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison

Morrison offers out his hand to Ziggler to shake, but Ziggler spits in his face! Morrison retaliates by trying to attack Ziggler, but DH Smith and Tyson Kidd jumps Morrison from behind and begins a vicious assault. DH Smith delivers a huge spine buster to Morrison and Tyson Kidd hits a huge springboard elbow drop onto Morrison. (The ref calls for the bell as Ziggler brings in a chair. Natalya slides in a table.)

The Hart Dynasty begins to set up a table in  the ring. Ziggler performs his finisher on the set up steel chair. The Hart Dynasty then hits their signature high-low finisher move. All three men begin stomping Morrison until Cryme Tyme comes running out with baseball bats clearing out the ring. The Hart Dynasty and Ziggler make their way back to the back as we cut to commercial.

We return with Justin Roberts in the ring.

Roberts: The following match is the main event six man tag team match and its scheduled from one fall.

(All of a sudden a huge amount of pyro goes off and Chris Jericho and The Big Show comes out.) Then CM Punk makes his way out to the ring limping.

Punk: Okay Taker come on out here, I know you don’t have any partners with you so come and take your beating like a man…

(All of a sudden Batista’s theme hits and he comes out to a massive pop!) Then all of a sudden The old Ministry theme plays and then Kane’s pyro goes off and both he and the Undertaker comes slowly to the ring.

Main Event:

Grudge Match

Six Man Tag Team Match

Chris Jericho, Big Show, and CM Punk vs Batista and The Brothers of Destruction

Chris Jericho and Kane decide to start to the match off and they both lock up. Kane got the better of the two and locked Jericho in a headlock. Jericho throws Kane into the ropes and Kane returns with a huge shoulder block. Kane bounces off of the ropes and jumps over the downed Jericho and then bounces off of the ropes again, but this time Jericho drop kicks Kane in the chest.

Kane stumbles off into an empty corner and Jericho began to stomp him in the corner. Kane then grabs Jericho by the neck and throws him back in the empty corner and begins to wail on him with rights and lefts then he steps back a little and uppercuts the hell out of him!

Jericho is out on his feet in the corner. Kane then runs Jericho into the opposite corner hard causing Jericho’s back to smash into the corner and falling down to his face in pain. Kane pulls Jericho out of the corner and leg drops him across the throat and then goes for the cover, 1…2.. Big Show interrupts the count and then distracts Kane just enough for Jericho to regain his composure.

Jericho then goes up to the top rope and drop kicks Kane in the chest. Jericho then grabs Kane by the arm and begins to stomp on his arm. Jericho tags in Punk. Punk locks in an inverted arm bar an Kane and Batista tries to wake up the crowd by stomping on the steel steps. Kane begins to fight his way up and he ends up picking up Punk on his shoulders and he delivers a huge electric chair drop.

Both men are down, 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8 Kane reaches Batista while Punk tags in Big Show. Batista charges forward and spears the crap out of Big Show. Jericho runs in and hits Batista in the back with a clubbing blow, but it has no effect on Batista as he delivers a huge spine buster to Jericho!

But as soon as he turns around, CM Punk delivers a huge superkick to the face of Batista. Big Show slowly comes back into the ring and then locks in a camel clutch. Kane and Undertaker begin to stir themselves into a frenzy as the crowd explodes. Batista begins to try and get free, but Big Show stands up and sits down hard on the back of Batista knocking him back down to the mat.

Big Show then drags Batista by his left arm to his corner and Punk tags himself in. Punk immediately begins to work on the lower back of Batista by continuously kneeing him in the back . He goes for the cover, 1…2… Batista kicks out. Punk rolls Batista on his side and places his knee in the lower back of Batista and begins to pull on the neck of Batista. The ref goes over to Batista who looks as if he passed out from the pain.

1..2.. Batista begins to fight out of it and ends up getting up to his feet and then finally hits a big time back suplex on Punk. The ref begins his count, 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9.. Punk gets to Jericho who runs over and knocks Kane off of the apron and he goes over to Batista and grabs his leg and tries to pull him away from his corner. Batista ends up hopping on one leg and he turns around and looks at Jericho and tries to get away, but Jericho’s hold it too tight.

Batista ends up hitting a huge enziguri on Jericho. Batista crawls a few more feet and tags in the Deadman, The Undertaker! The Undertaker comes in and takes out Jericho with his signature flying clothesline. Punk then comes in and gets hit with a huge big boot! Big Show comes in and, begins to trade blows with Taker.

Big Show got the better of the two and throws Taker off of the ropes, Taker returns with a huge running d-d-t! Taker signals for a choke-slam on Punk and Jericho tries to attack Taker, but Kane catches Jericho by the throat and he along with Taker hits choke-slams on both Punk and Jericho.

As soon as Big Show stands back up, Taker and Kane deliver a huge double choke-slam to Show! Taker goes to Jericho and locks in the Hell’s Gate submission move and Jericho submits! Its over Team Undertaker destroys Team Punk! Kane and Undertaker hit their signature poses as the pyro goes off and Batista poses with them.

Punk is crawling up the ramp holding his title and looking at the Dead man in deep fear as the show closes.

Well that’s it folks, and I hope you enjoyed my matches! Don’t forget to check out the Hell in a Cell Matches this Sunday, and I guarantee you that there is a huge surprise that’s going to happen at the event, so stay tuned. Laterz!















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