Adam "Edge" Copeland, Get Well Soon

Smoke And MirrorsContributor IOctober 2, 2009

After a miserably failing attempt to create some laughter by writing a comedic article, I have come back to write a regular wrestling-related article. And I really hope that the B/R community enjoys this one (since I got bashed from the last one), since this one is a real heartfelt article for one of my favorite superstars.

Dear Edge,

We miss you. Get well soon.

Adam Copeland is a pioneer of professional wrestling, he has made such an impact on all of us who have watched the WWE in the past decade.

Whether as a half of arguably one of the best tag teams in history, a babyface midcarder making his way through the main event scene, or a devilish heel main eventer who truly is the ultimate opportunist. Edge has made his way into all of our hearts, and combines love and hate towards him in our emotions.

We love Edge because he is a great wrestler, a great entertainer, and (off character) a great person. We hate him because he perfects his role as a villain to the extent that we actually want to see him getting his ass handed to him.

Adam "Edge" Copeland started off like any other one of us; he started off as a wrestling fan. He watched his hero, Hulk Hogan, suffer his first Wrestlemania defeat at Wrestlemania 6 from The Ultimate Warrior. Edge was a devoted wrestling fan, and his compassion towards wrestling made him want to enter the buisness.

And after staying in the "big league" for almost eight years, he finally achieved his childhood dream, the torch was passed on to him, and the WWE had enough faith in him to finally hand him his first WWE title reign.

And although his first reign was short-lived, that three week reign easily made him one of the WWE's biggest stars. Edge remained in the main event scene since winning his first title, and continues to entertain millions upon millions with his undoubtable charisma.

Unfortunately, on July 3 2009, Edge suffered a torn achilles tendon in a non-televised show in San Diego.

And to show just how warm-hearted this man actually is, he apologized to all the fans after having to stop the match due to the unbearable pain he has suffered because of this injury. This comes to show how much love Edge has for the fans even if his role prevents him from showing it.

The void left after his disappearance is obvious, and I was really devastated that Edge was not able to celebrate in the Decade Anniversary of Smackdown, because Edge really is one of the biggest stars on the blue brand, and has been it's main star since he has been drafted to Smackdown.

I hold so much respect for this man, because he really is one of the best in this industry, and I wish him happiness, joy, and a painless recovery.