The Xtreme Couture G.I. Foundation: Your Support Is Necessary

Todd JacksonSenior Analyst IOctober 1, 2009

Today fight fans is a day to take a step back from the glamour of mixed martial arts for a moment.Today is a day to pay your respect and appreciation for another type of warrior, another type of hero: the American soldier.
It is times like these that the sport of MMA really shows its true colors.  It is times like these that MMA truly opens its heart to this world.  Once disregarded as a heartless blood sport with no future, not today. 
Today no one would dare utter those words.  Not with the honorable efforts being made by those who represent not only this sport but the camaraderie of this country.
MMA is represented on many levels by many people.  Some of those people truly shine bright like the stars that they are.  Randy Couture is one of those individuals. 
He and his family at Xtreme Couture are supporting the most noble of causes.  Randy and wife Kim Couture created the Xtreme Couture G.I. Foundation
This foundation was created in the spirit of saluting and assisting armed forces veterans in their transition back to their every day lives after the trials of war may have left them challenged.  Whether it be physical or mental rehabilitation, support for loved ones while they are away, or a simple leg up financially, the XCGIF is there for those military families in need.
The XCGIF raises funds to contribute to the forward progress of these men and women no matter what the issue may be.  So many, too many, have returned home to have their lives forever changed by the experiences they have endured.  This cause is there to support them in their transitions.
Oct. 16-18, the XCGIF is holding the Xtreme Combat Weekend in Mesquite NV.  An event that will not only provide fight fans a chance to meet marquis fighters like Randy, but stand along side them for three days of paint ball wars. 
A Pirate's Paradise is the venue, a top notch facility.  In addition to the games an MMA event will be held by the cream of the crop in amateur fight promotions Tuff N Uff.  All topped of by an after party.
Three days of paintball with MMA's most notorious, a fight card that guarantees to do nothing less than dazzle, all followed up by an after party to soak it all in.  What more can a fight fan ask for? 
On the site Randy had this to say about the nature of the cause.  "Having spent time in a uniform, it became a personal goal of mine to find a way to give back to the brave men and women of our Armed Forces for the sacrifices they make defending our freedoms. The Xtreme Couture G.I. Foundation was born out of that desire."
Jeff Meyer, vice president of the Tuff-N-Uff promotion holds our soldiers high.  "The men and women who protect my freedom and keep this the best damn country in the world are truly amazing people in my eyes." 
Brothers Barry and Jeff Meyer are as generous as they come, it is no surprise to see them contributing to this cause. 
Ryan Couture is looking forward to some paintball action as well. "All of our previous events have been fun in different ways and have appealed to different groups and I think that paintball will be no exception. 
"I'm looking forward to heading up to mesquite and getting shot up in the name of charity.  I'm also really excited that we have the opportunity to partner with Tuff-N-Uff this time around to make amateur fighting a part of the draw as well."
The time has come to take a long look in the mirror, the time has come to dig deep fight fans.  In these difficult times for our country we all struggle. 
It is important though that we do not overlook those who may be struggling with more than just the economy.  There are those out there that have endured even greater struggles than just financial concerns.  They need our help. 

Imagine the sense of pride and honor you would feel after taking a moment to do your part and either attend this event or contribute in any way possible.  Be it be financially contributing to the XCGIF on or just simply shaking the hand of someone who has served this country and saying thank you. 
Do your part, get involved fight fans.  This is bigger than MMA, this is what this country is built on.  Supporting our brothers and sisters in uniform is not hard, it is not demanding, and it is truly rewarding.
Please take a moment and ask yourself what it is you can do.  Even if you can't make the event, perhaps you can find a way to make a donation.  The XCGIF website offers more than one way to contribute. 
You can donate by phone or email.  Or you can purchase unique items ranging from T-Shirts, one of a kind wristbands made from old parachutes by the soldiers in Iraq.  Or even a custom signature Couture Hog, The Humm-C.  All proceeds are donated to the cause.
This is a chance to really get involved in something important folks.  Take this opportunity to not only do something noble and worthy, but also support an effort that really shows what good can come from a sport many have seen as nothing more than bloodsport. 
Help the Couture family display that not just the fighters and are honorable and respectable people, but their fans are as well. 
I know this community well.  We are good people, we are a family.  It is time for this community to do something more than just follow this sport.
Once again, get involved people, support this sport, support our soldiers.  For more information on how to participate or just contribute in any way you can, visit the Xtreme Couture G.I. Foundation website.