Alabama Crimson Tide Number One? SEC Power Poll Says So

Darrell OwenbyContributor IOctober 1, 2009

ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 05:  Julio Jones #8 of the Alabama Crimson Tide against the Virginia Tech Hokies during the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game at Georgia Dome on September 5, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)


Alabama Crimson Tide or the Florida Gators?  Who is your number one team in the SEC?

Apparently the SECRivals Power Pollsters have added value to the Alabama Crimson Tide team.  The Crimson Tide have over taken Florida in a big way and have taken the first place spot in this week's poll.  

Did the pollsters get it right?

We have aggregated all of the data from our power pollsters.  As many expected, there are several changes including the top dog in the number one spot.  

First place votes are in ( ), followed by last week's placement in [ ]:

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide (12)[2]:  The Tide exposed and ROLLED the Arkansas Razorbacks.  Is this the Tide defense that eclipses the 1992 defense?  It could happen by the end of the season.  Greg McElroy is running the offense like a ZR-1 'Vette.
  2. Florida Gators (7)[1]:  Florida utterly destroyed Kentucky, called the dogs off early, left Tebow in the game and Tebow got hurt on a freak accident.  Argue all you want, it makes excellent water cooler banter for the ill-informed, but the question remains:  how will Tebow play post-concussion?  We will see in eight days when the Gators face LSU.
  3. LSU Tigers [3]:  Is this team for real?  Are they really Top Five material?  We originally went way out on a limb and tabbed the Tigers as the SEC West champs for this season.  So far they have not looked GREAT, but all they do is win.  We will find out this week if LSU is for real when they travel to UGA.
  4. Georgia Bulldogs [6]:  UGA's offense is coming along quite nicely.  UGA's defense seems to be a work in progress.  Too bad it appears the work is a Picasso.  This week will tell the tale.
  5. Auburn [5]:  Undefeated and unranked.  Is that an oxymoron or what?  Couple those two tidbits with the fact that the 4-0 Tigers are a two point road dog at Tennessee this week.  Yes, this is a crazy world we live in.
  6. South Carolina Gamecocks [8]:  All the Gamecocks accomplished was knocking off the number four (paper) Rebels of Ole Miss.  Very strong defense couple with a sometimes anemic offense is not a solid combination.  It is a good thing that signal caller Stephen Garcia is improving each week.
  7. Ole Miss Rebels [4]:  Ole Miss was so confident versus South Carolina that Houston Nutt and company decided to wait late in the game to get Dexter McCluster the ball.  Good thing McCluster is not the SEC's T.O.
  8. Arkansas Razorbacks [7]:  The offensive line was exposed by Alabama's defensive line.  Ryan Mallet is easily a top three quarterback in the SEC this season ... when he has time to throw.  Arkansas' defense is M.I.A.
  9. Mississippi State Bulldogs [12]:  Wow.  Did anyone expect MSU to challenge their opponents this much?  We sure didn't.  What is Dan Mullen going to be able to do with this team when they sign more defensive players and 'his type' of offensive players?
  10. Vanderbilt Commodores [11]:  This Vandy squad will not finish last in the East as we predicted.  Why do we have them this low?  This where the voters put them.
  11. Tennessee Volunteers [10]:  Solid defense, solid running game, but the offensive line, wide receivers, and quarterback are all shaky.  That isn't good.  Changes are being made to improve the offensive line, but their is no real depth at the trouble spots.  Ohio forced UT into too many third and longs.  If Ohio can do this to the Vols, what can an SEC defense do?  We begin to find out this weekend.
  12. Kentucky Wildcats [9]:  How did the Wildcats fall this far?  They were fortunate to defeat Louisville and was obliterated by the Gators.  Can this team still win six games to become bowl eligible?

Do you agree or disagree with our panel of pollsters?  Bring it in the comments and give us your teams ranked one through twelve.

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