Ok How Excited Should We Be About The 3-0 Giants?

john kayaContributor IOctober 1, 2009

TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 27:  Safety Will Allen #26 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers attempts to bring down running back Ahmad Bradshaw #44 of the New York Giants during the game at Raymond James Stadium on September 27, 2009 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

Ok so the G-men are 3-0. I like that. They beat the Cowboys in Dallas and ruined Jerry Jones party. I really like that. They totally dismantled the bucs in Tampa. Although I do like that, thats what they should have done. How many people remember the Giants in the Jim Fassel era and how they would play down to theyre competition? The Giants back then were soft. Not this team. This team has the heart and soul of the head coach. Gotta love T.C.

They appear to be pretty potent on offense but let me slow down a bit. They still have issues in the red zone. Granted it looks as though they solved theyre red zone defficiences in Tampa but please............that was against the Bucs. And again, they did what they had to do. Lets see them do that in New orleans or against Philly. When they do that then they will have shown me something. Listen, your not gonna win anything in this league kicking field goals. Im tired of seeing them march down the field......(with ease most of the time) only to stall at the 10 or 13 yard line. I dont know, get more creative down there, change your personel Gilbride. DO SOMETHING!

Our ground game should start cranking up cuz seriously, how long are teams gonna be stacking the box against us? OK, stop the run. Eli has proven he will burn you. Yeah we had the best o-line last year and still do and not just run blocking but pass blocking too. And remember how critical all the media types were about our lack of recievers? All I kept saying was they were just unproven, give them a chance. And what has happened? Smith and Manningham, Manningham and Smith!!!! Gotta love them!!! And can we pleae get Boss in the mix? This Offense has the potential to be absolutely deadly!! And was there really a Sinorice Moss sighting last week?!!! He will def not be on the roster next year and you can take that to the bank!!!

Now to the Defense.......Oh the Giants Defense. This team has always been about defense. No? Where is the pass rush? I'll repeat, where is the pass rush? Over-hyped? cant be. The "deepest" line in the NFL? OK, i agreee. So wtf??!!!!! I know Canty has been out and Tuck was hurt an Osi is getting double teamed every play but again, where is the pass rush? Im really hoping it all comes  together cuz if it doesnt, can you imagine Drew brees just sitting back there with enough time to have a cup of coffee? It'll get really ugly really quick.

Thank god we have a really young, really good secondary back there. Minus Kenny Phillips of course..(doesnt that suck?) He was on fire until he got hurt but C.C better step it up.

Listen, we have 2 more gimme games till we go to NO. The Giants WILL be 5-0 going into the Saints game. Most of the publications have the Giants #1 in the power rankings and I agree.........except for that Idiot John Clayton for ESPN. He has them ranked 6th. 6th? Are there really 5 teams better than the Giants? Come on John, Gimme some of whatever your smokin there guy. I am confident the Giants will be making noise come January and maybe some in February but we are def not clicking on all cylinders. Gotta start humming like a well oiled machine. They can and will. It's good to be a Giant fan now. There was a time we couldnt say that..........later boys! Oh BTW im sitting here writing this while watching game 7 of the Rangers vs. Canucks Stanley cup finals from 1994. Now that was a great night!!!!!!