Can Cleveland Get Their First Win?

gary wertmanCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2009

This week the Cleveland Browns will face a much bigger challenge than the Cincinnati Bengals. The challenge facing them is pride. No team wants to be considered the worst team in the NFL. No team wants to be known as the laughing stock of the league. After the first three weeks, Cleveland has become just that. A win over a good Bengals team will help keep this sinking ship upright.

Derek Anderson is being given one more chance to dispel the notion that he’s just an average quarterback. Anderson will need all the fan support he can get against the Bengals. He has a very fragile ego and any booing will bring out the worst in DA. If Anderson is on his game, he can be very good. I’m hoping the very good version shows up this Sunday. The Browns offense needs a spark and he just might provide it.

Jerome Harrison showed some flashes last week against the Ravens and more of the same will be needed this week along with a good day from James Davis. It looks like Jamal Lewis is still not full go and may not play.

Defensively, I want to see more of Alex Hall and Coye Francies. Both players played well in the preseason but have seen very little action since. They are play makers and Cleveland’s defense has not made many plays so far.  Eric Wright has been solid but our safeties have done very little. Mike Adams might earn more playing time against the Bengals. Shaun Rogers needs to step it up a notch as well. He has the ability to change a game at any time and the Browns desperately need him.

If Cleveland’s offense can generate some points, win the special teams battle, and keep the defense rested, maybe the Browns can get their first win. Their pride is at stake.

Anderson Needs to Hear The Cheers

Anderson Needs to Hear The Cheers


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