Elite XC: Brett Rogers Takes a Slice of Kimbo

Todd ParmeleeSenior Analyst IMay 31, 2008

James Thompson took a Slice out of Kimbo's reputation in the main event at Elite XC Saturday night.  Then in the post fight press conference, it was Brett Rogers turn to take a jab at the internet sensation. 

Rogers told the reporters that he was disappointed by the efforts of Kimbo.  He virtually called out Slice to be his next opponent. 

At the time Kimbo was not in attendance, but he would show up minutes later. 

After Slice arrived and answered questions from the reporters, Rogers once again called out Kimbo, saying that he had tapped out against Thompson in the second round of the main event. 

What ensued next was probably the highlight of the event.  Kimbo got out of his seat and the two fighters needed to be separated. 

Rogers, who is soft spoken, did not hesitate to let the audience and Kimbo know what he thought of the fight.  He showed a great deal of courage.  

A future matchup between Rogers and Slice would be intriguing, especially after the post fight shenanigans at the press conference. 

Rogers would be a formidable opponent, who has shown that he has at least equal power to Slice.  In his last fight, Rogers KO'd Thompson easily and tonight he made quick work of John Murphy. 

Hopefully, Elite XC will let the Slice vs. Rogers slug fest happen.  For now it seems they would rather feed Slice opponents he is capable of knocking out in order to continue to forge his mystique. 

Tonight the strategy nearly backfired, as Thompson was winning the fight until it was stopped in the third round. 

A loss by Slice would be damaging to not only Elite XC but to CBS, who will broadcast three more of the organization's events in prime time.