T.O. Wishes He Could Be Half The Man Rodney Harrison Is

Colin LinneweberSenior Writer IOctober 1, 2009

FOXBORO, MA - SEPTEMBER 14:  Terrell Owens #81 of the Buffalo Bills warms up before the game against the New England Patriots on September 14, 2009 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Disdainful Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens responded Sunday to comments made by former New England Patriots star Rodney Harrison via Twitter after Owens failed to catch a pass for the first time in 185 games.


Earlier this season, Harrison, 36, a two-time Pro Bowl selection who earned two Super Bowl rings with the Patriots, expressed his contempt for Owens during an interview on WEEI’s The Dale and Holley Show.


Prior to Harrison’s interview on WEEI, Owens, 35, a five-time All-Pro selection, had again ridiculed the Patriots for the Spygate controversy in the days leading to the Bills season-opener in Foxboro.


“I’m so pumped about T.O. opening up his big mouth about the Patriots,” said Harrison, the only player in NFL history to record both 30 sacks and 30 interceptions. “I can actually put a bounty on T.O. if I wanted and not get in any trouble.”


Harrison, an admitted abuser of HGH who was consistently voted the “dirtiest player” in the NFL by his peers, continued to chastise Owens.


“He’s a clown,” Harrison said. “His clown-act antics and his tactics just take away…Year after year, the story we should be talking about is his playmaking ability, the big plays and the potential Hall of Fame career.”


This past weekend, Harrison reiterated his sentiments regarding Owens while he worked his newfound role as an analyst for NBC Sports Football Night in America.


When Owens was informed of the remarks Harrison made on national television, the perpetual malcontent bashed the retired safety online.


“I could care less about Rodney Harrison! Anybody tht using steroids, yes STEROIDS rodney, is a cheater & cheated the game,” tweeted Owens. “Is tht Y u used steroids b/c u were worried about ur stats or ws it b/c u were losing it? Lol! U’re a loser & a cheater? Got any steroid…”


Owens, a selfish talent who has absolutely destroyed every franchise he has been employed by, continued his nonsensical attack on Harrison.


“Hey Rodney! Send me sum steroids 2 the Bills facility next week!”


Upon being told by reporters what Owens tweeted, Harrison returned to the offensive.


“He’s so miserable…he seeks so much attention,” Harrison said. “Something happened a long, long time ago, before we even knew T.O., that just made him like this.”


Rodney Harrison was a warrior and a vital aspect of the Patriots championship runs in 2003 and 2004.


Terrell Owens amasses statistics and he epitomizes everything that is wrong with the world of sports today.


If Owens had even a granule of Harrison’s heart and character, he may have played for a champion.


Sadly, despite his bevy of skills, Owens is not designed to be a champion.


Owens will always be a comedic excuse for a player and a man.


Harrison was gentle when he called Owens a “clown.”


In actuality, Terrell Owens is the very definition of a clown pocket.