Ideas For a BETTER Brett Favre Commercial

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IOctober 1, 2009

When I heard Brett Favre would be starring in a commercial poking fun at his “inability” (the nicest word I can put it) to make decisions in life, I thought to myself, “Okay, good, the guy is at least poking fun at himself.”  But after reneging on retiring the second straight year (this time waiting until the team actually plays a preseason game), the commercial now looks redundant and pointless. 

For those of you who haven’t seen it, it is Favre standing in a store trying to make a decision about a purchase with a sales clerk talking to him about how many people have hard times making up their mind. Favre then responds that he can’t stand those types of people.  Predictably, he proceeds to second-guess his purchase and the commercial ends.

Now about the commercial, either Brett Favre really can’t act or he just isn’t into the scene.  He had a great opportunity to join in on the joke about himself and show another side to his personality the way William Shatner and David Hasselhoff do, but failed.  He seemed to want to make light of himself, but his ego just couldn’t let him.

In terms of promotion and sales, the ad does nothing whatsoever.  Now most ads really do have nothing to do to promote the product (especially those featuring NFL players), but those do have one thing…watchability. 

They would be funny or in some cases epic (I still love that Nike commercial with Shawne Merriman from 2007).  This commercial just seems like Favre wanted to get out of there and maybe work on another Wrangler jeans ad where he doesn’t need to showcase any personality.

Of course, this commercial was shot before he “pulled a Brett Favre” and changed his mind about retirement.  With that development, I think a better commercial would be the ones we see for the Brinks Home Security ads. 

You know the ones.  A girl is saying goodbye to her parents and they leave her alone for the night and then an intruder attempts to break into the house.  Or a girl says good night to her date and her ex-boyfriend attempts to break down the door.  Or a mother and child are at home when the father leaves, and well, someone tries to break down the door.

It would be a perfect metaphor for Favre, especially the one about the ex-boyfriend.  He would see someone else getting the spotlight, making the plays, and would just have to act to destroy that.  It would also work with Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson just standing in the house, having a conversation, and then Favre just breaks down the door. 

Of course in that case, I guess the only person they could call would be coach Brad Childress, who would let Favre rob the house of anything he wanted.

A series of commercials that have been popular are the Coors Light ads that have a group of bumbling average Joe’s interacting with (fired) coaches during some of their famous press conferences such as the famous Dennis Green “they are who we thought they are” and the Jim Mora “PLAYOFFS!” speech.  Since Favre is almost as old as those coaches, maybe they could use some of his press conference footage.

For commercials in general, players such as Peyton Manning and even Eli Manning have no problem poking fun at themselves or hamming it up for laughs.  Even Mark Sanchez appears in a car ad in which a dealer doesn’t even know who he is and just talks about Eli.  But God forbid Brett Favre would ever do anything to make himself seem un-godlike.