Analyzing the Houston Texans Defense, or Lack Thereof

Corey CarrContributor IOctober 1, 2009

HOUSTON - SEPTEMBER 27:  Cornerback Dunta Robinson #23 of the Houston Texans watches from the sidelines during pre-game warmups before the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Reliant Stadium on September 27, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Football season is underway, and the first few weeks are in the books. Surprises around the NFL have not been rare this year.

The Jets, Broncos, Ravens, Colts, Giants, Vikings, and Saints are all still undefeated. The Dolphins, Browns, Titans, Chiefs, Panthers, Rams, and Buccaneers are all defeated. We have seven 3-0 teams and seven 0-3 teams heading into week four.

The unexpectedly strong teams, such as the Broncos and Jets, are living the high life. The biggest letdowns (Dolphins and Titans both won their divisions last year) are looking for answers. 

The Houston Texans defense? Lost. Ranked dead last. They are ranked 28th in points allowed on the season, giving up 86 total points so far. The fewest points they have given up in a game? 24. Not acceptable.

This is an NFL franchise that has hopes of reaching the NFL playoffs. After two years of finishing 8-8, an explosive offense and subpar defense, at best, are not going to get us where we want to be. 

In three games, the Texans defense has one sack. ONE. Mario Williams is coming into his prime and is supposed to be one of the best defensive ends in the league, and we cannot get to the quarterback.

Brian Cushing, the rookie from USC, is leading the team in tackles with 24 total. 

The Texans have a lack of discipline. This could have something to do with their struggles. When the Saints came into town for preseason, a fight broke out between DeMeco Ryans and Jeremy Shockey. There was another altercation when the Minnesota Vikings came to town in preseason week four. 

Andre Johnson and Jacoby Jones were both fined for fighting Titans players in our week two win at Tennessee. 

Dunta Robinson was fined $25,000 for writing "pay me Rick" on the back of his cleats in the week one loss to the Jets. Seriously? Grow up.

The Rick he is referring to is Texans general manager Rick Smith. Robinson held out all offseason, and when he showed up for the first game, he got the start. If I was the guy behind him on the depth chart, my bags might be packed.

There is a definite understanding for backing up your teammates and looking out for one another. It's a different story when it's happening more than it should. These guys need to act like grown men and drop the egos. Instead of worrying about how they look on the field and how tough they are, they need to worry about the opposing team is running the score up on them.

They have given 100-yard games to every starting running back they have faced thus far in the season. 

The Oakland Raiders are making a visit to Reliant Stadium Sunday at noon. If the Texans don't show up to play, Darren McFadden will have his way and put up a fantasy football player's dream game. 

A comment was made after the week one loss vs. the Jets as I was leaving the stadium. I heard a woman say, "It's not fair that the fans have to pay to be here and the team does not even show up."

The Houston Texans have a solid home crowd, and they have never not sold out a home game. Our fans are faithful, but the team needs to do their part. 

As usual, I will be there to watch the Texans Sunday, and I'm hoping the guys will show up to play. 

C'mon Texans.