WWE Hell In a Cell 2009 Prediction Competition

Hayley-L GrahamSenior Analyst IOctober 1, 2009

For the first time in WWE history, Hell in a Cell has become more than a match!

Now, it's etched its name into the books as one of WWE's newest PPV events, in which all three main event matches are going to be taking place within the Cell!

With some exciting grudge matches booked for the card, including The Undertaker vs CM Punk, and John Cena vs Randy Orton, are we going to see any surprises on the night?

More importantly, can anyone else gain a full set of points from the Hell in a Cell prediction competition?

All predictions are to be made as stand-alone comments in the comments thread, and you have until Sunday to make your guesses!

For all the rules and records of the competition, please follow the link.

With the madness of WWE over the past couple of months, it's going to take some major thinking to predict who comes out on top this time.

On to the matches:

World Heavyweight Championship (HiaC): The Undertaker vs CM Punk (c) - (3)

WWE Championship (HiaC): Randy Orton vs John Cena (c) - (3)

Tag Team (HiaC): DX vs Legacy - (3)

Intercontinental Championship:Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison (c) - (2)

United States Championship:The Miz vs Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston (c) - (2)

Undisputed Tag Team Championship:Batista and Rey Mysterio vs Jeri-Show (c) - (2)

Divas Championship: Alicia Fox vs Mickie James (c) - (1)

With 16 points currently up for grabs, can anybody make it two PPVs in a row with perfect predictions?

As usual, if any more matches are announced between now and Sunday, I'll notify participants via their Bulletin Boards so that they can vote.

So then, which one of you Bleacher Creatures is brave enough to step up to the plate and gain sweet victory and the pride that goes with it?

Don't hesitate to play, as more people make for a harder time in winning!

With that being said, have great fun, and good luck!