College Football Top 25 After Week 4

RunTellMattContributor ISeptember 30, 2009

ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 05:  Mark Ingram #22 of the Alabama Crimson Tide against the Virginia Tech Hokies during the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game at Georgia Dome on September 5, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

by RunTellMatt

My top 25 is a combination of overall record, quality of opponents and wins, the way an individual team has looked in their games, win or lose, as well as perceived strength moving forward. So, I prefer to give the nod to teams like Cincinnati and Bosie State—who are both undefeated with at least one quality win—over one-loss teams such as Virginia Tech and Ohio State despite that fact that I feel the latter are better teams and would win head-to-head.

Once again, I have a problem with the No. 4 spot in the AP poll just as I did when Ole Miss claimed the position. LSU has yet to look that good in any of their four games and at this point their best win is on the road at Washington (a game the Tigers could have easily lost had the Huskies not turned the ball over so many times early on). As was the case with Ole Miss, LSU has benefited purely from other teams ranked ahead of them losing. I just can’t understand rewarding a team with a jump of three moves up to the No. 4 spot for almost losing to the worst team in their conference. At the same time, Michigan at 4-0 gets punished with a drop in the polls for almost losing to Indiana.

Another debate is choosing between a 4-0 team like USF who, up until the FSU win, hadn’t beat anybody, but is undefeated nonetheless and a one-loss team like Ole Miss who seems to only be ranked as high as they are because of where they were as well as preseason hype. I have to go with USF considering Ole Miss has played only one BCS team through three games, which is also the team they have lost to.

Every one keeps talking about, “well the top three are settled, but who do you put at No. 4?” To me it’s pretty obvious. Iowa is the clear choice and I’ll tell you why. Iowa started the season in the top 25, but was removed for a close win against Northern Iowa. Despite two more wins against decent teams, they never returned due mostly to the bias towards the SEC and against the Big 10. Iowa is the only team in the country with 3 wins against BCS teams from three different conferences (Iowa State, Big 12; Arizona, Pac-10; Penn State, Big 10). Most team’s schedules won’t even allow for the possibility of such an accomplishment.

Of course, I admit there’s not too much to worry about with the current rankings as there’s still plenty of football to play.

1. Alabama (4-0) Last Game: 35-7 vs. Arkansas Next Game: @ Kentucky

2. Florida (4-0) Last Game: 41-7 @ Kentucky Next Game: Idle

3. Texas (4-0) Last Game: 64-7 vs. UTEP Next Game: Idle

4. Iowa (4-0) Last Game: 21-10 @ Penn State Next Game: Arkansas State

5. Boise State (4-0) Last Game: 49-14 @ Bowling Green Next Game: UC Davis

6. Cincinnati (4-0) Last Game: 28-20 vs. Fresno State Next Game: @ Miami (OH)
7. UCLA (3-0) Last Game: Idle Next Game: @ Stanford
8. Auburn (4-0) Last Game: 54-30 vs. Ball State Next Game: @ Tennessee
9. LSU (4-0) Last Game: 30-26 @ Mississippi State Next Game: @ Georgia
10. Wisconsin (4-0) Last Game: 38-30 vs. Michigan State Next Game: @ Minnesota
11. Virginia Tech (3-1) Last Game: 31-7 vs. Miami Next Game: @ Duke
12. Ohio State (3-1) Last Game: 30-0 vs. Illinois Next Game: @ Indiana
13. Oklahoma (2-1) Last Game: Idle Next Game: @ Miami
14. USC (3-1) Last Game: 27-6 @ Washington State Next Game: @ California
15. Penn State (3-1) Last Game: L 10-21 vs. Iowa Next Game: @ Illinois
16. Nebraska (3-1) Last Game: 55-0 vs. ULL Next Game: Idle
17. Oklahoma State (3-1) Last Game: 56-6 vs. Grambling State Next Game: Idle
18. Houston (3-0) Last Game: 29-28 vs. Texas Tech Next Game: @ UTEP
19. Michigan (4-0) Last Game: 36-33 vs. Indiana Next Game: @ Michigan State
20. TCU (3-0) Last Game: 14-10 @ Clemson Next Game: SMU
21. Missouri (4-0) Last Game: 31-21 @ Nevada Next Game: Idle
22. Kansas (4-0) Last Game: 35-28 vs. Southern Miss Next Game: Idle
23. California (3-1) Last Game: L 3-42 @ Oregon Next Game: USC
24. Miami (2-1) Last Game: L 7-31 @ Virginia Tech Next Game: Oklahoma
25. USF (4-0) Last Game: 17-1 @ Florida State Next Game: @ Syracuse