What The Steelers Need to To Do To Avoid a Bad Season

Jason arlingtonContributor ISeptember 30, 2009


3. Call Smart plays! Don’t call any runs up the middle because they wont work. Don’t run the ball on all three downs when your on the one yard line. The Defence will expect the run. Instead , run it on first down, if that doesn’t go any where call play action. The D will blitz and you have two options for Ben, you can run it for the touchdown, or if any one is open throw it. Play action works great for Pittsburgh and allows the receivers to get open.

4. Bench Sweed. Yeah he’s 6 foot 4, has great speed and can get open. He can do all that but one thing, HE CANT CATCH! He has already dropped 5 passes that could have been a big first down, or could have been a touchdown. Remember in the AFC Championship game? He was wide open, no one around him, the ball hit his hands and fell out. Same thing happened in Cincinnati, except he actually caught the ball, but when he fell down the ball popped out. Costing the Steelers a touchdown and would have put the game out of reach for the Bengals. So, start Wallace and Mcdonald over Sweed!

5. Become a Pass First, Run Second team. The Steelers did that in the bengals game in the first two quarters and the run was working great, but stoped doing that in the third and fourth quarter, and called bad plays. The Steelers have always been known for pounding the ball. But now you have a great QB who makes great plays for you.and has prooven if the ball is in his hands, you can win. Plus the O-line isn’t that good. What you need to do is, mostly pass the first two quarters and put up as much points as you can. The in the third and fourth quarter, when the D is tired. Run it, run the clock down, and keep the ball as long as you can. But to do that, you need to convert on third downs! Then when your in the red zone, call some playaction plays if the run isnt getting it done! You need to score as much as you can!!!

The Steelers will need to do these things if they want to win next week, and any other game In order to make it to the playoffs and reach there goal for this season, Winning the Super Bowl!

The 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers after three games, have dropped to 1-2. Not what the defending Super Bowl champs had in mind. The last time the steelers started 1-2 was in the season that me and other Steelers fans dont like to talk about, and would like to for get. The season after their Super Bowl winning season. The 2006 Season. The Steelers ended going 8-8 and missed the playoffs. The Baltimore Ravens ended up winning the division. Even though its early in the season and i hate to say this, but there on the verge of having another 2006 season. This is what they can do to prevent that.

1. Put the ball in Ben's hands more often: Ben has done a lot for the Steelers since ariving there. Including taking the steelers to two Super Bowls in his first 5 years. and Winning them both. Ben can make big plays, great plays and can extend them and score. The running game isnt getting anything done yet, and if it wasnt for Ben in the titans game they would probabaly be 0-3. If you let him pass more, you can win. Ben has prooved that a lot last year, and especially in the Super Bowl.

2. Get more sacks/Create Turn Overs on D/ Play more man Coverage: The Steelers only blitzed 5 times in the Bengals game and had Zero turn overs. Pittsburgh needs to get more sacks and drive the offense back. You have great Line Backers, let them blitz! now Onto Turnovers. The only turn over they had this far was a pick by Polamalu in Week 1. Blitz the QB, put him out of his comfort zone and make him throw it where he doesnt want to. The key to winning most games is turn overs! and thats why the Steelers have lost two games. They forced 8 turnovers this far, but only recovered two. The Steelers need to play more man coverage. its obvious Lebeau is afraid to play anything but man covergae because he is afraid to get beaten deep. Trust your safties and play man coverage, a lot of Recievers are beating us with slants and other quick routes.