2009-10 Denver Nuggets Training Camp Roster

Garrett OlsenCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2009

As the 2009-10 NBA Training Camp is about to start, I'm going to break down the Nugget's roster and what we should expect for opening night and after the JR Smith and Renaldo Balkman suspensions.

The Training Camp Roster looks like  this:

Guards: Arron Afflalo, Anthony Carter, Chauncey Billups, Dontaye Draper, Ty Lawson, JR Smith, and James White* (can play a combo guard/forward).

Forwards: Malik Allen, Carmelo Anthony, Renaldo Balkman, Keith Brumbaugh, Joey Graham, and Kenyon Martin.

Centers: Chris "Birdman" Anderson, Kurt Looby, Nene, and Johan Petro.

Before we start talking about the rosters I'd like to talk about a couple names that I was surprised to see not on the roster.  I expected to see Coby Karl and Rob Kurz on this roster, but I am hearing they are both going to join the Cleveland Cavaliers training camp roster and both fight for te 15th spot on Cleveland's roster.

Lets start with the Nugget's guards; Chauncey Billups, JR Smith, Anthony Carter and Arron Afflalo are all locks to make the roster.  The intriguing prospect on the guards list is James White.  White who was acquired from Houston a few weeks ago has great potential, but NBA teams have already given up on him.  White's athleticism reminds me of JR Smith's, but his poor defense and streaky shot selection makes him a liability to give guaranteed money to.

If White shows up for training camp and works on a consistent three point shot he could land a spot on the roster for the first seven games.  After that there is no telling what George Karl will do.  It all depends on his performance.  I don't know much about Dontaye Draper, but he will challenge White for a spot at making the roster for the first seven games.

Now for the forwards; Carmelo Anthony, Malik Allen, Kenyon Martin, Renaldo Balkman and Joey Graham are all locks to make the roster.  The interesting name on this list is Keith Brumbaugh.  He has a three ball, a mid range, a post game and good defense.  He's 6'7 so his height is a bit suspect, but if he has a strong performance he could make the opening night roster in Renaldo Balkman's spot and he could challenge Malik Allen and Joey Graham for minutes at the back up small forward and power forward position. 

If Brumbaugh gets minutes when the season starts and impresses George Karl, he could make it as the 14th man on the roster.  I see him challenging James White for a permanent spot on the roster.  They both need a big pre-season to persuade George Karl and the front office to keep them around.

As far as the centers are concerned Nene, Chris Anderson and Johan Petro are going to be on the roster.  I see Kurt Looby simply being on the training camp roster and to challenge Johan Petro a bit.  Petro has the ability to be a good center in the league especially with his height at 7 feet, but his fundamentals are far below average.

I see Keith Brumbaugh and James White really competing hard for a spot on the roster and I really think Keith Brumbaugh could make it on the Nuggets roster.  He has yet to play against real NBA talent, but if he can perform against Nene, Martin and Anderson then we could have a diamond in the rough much like Anderson and Dahntay Jones last year.

When it's all said and done I expect the opening night roster to look like this:

PG: Billups, Carter, Lawson

SG: Afflalo, White

SF: Anthony, Graham, Brumbaugh

PF: Martin, Allen

C: Nene, Anderson, Petro

After the first two games Balkman's suspension will be done, but I still expect both White and Brumbaugh remaining until JR Smith is back.  Once Smith is back, whichever of the two in Brumbaugh and White who perform better in training camp and the first seven games might get a shot as the 14th player on the roster.

After the suspensions are all done, I expect the roster to look like this:

PG: Billups, Carter, Lawson

SG: Smith, Afflalo

SF: Anthony, Graham*, Brumbaugh

PF: Martin, Allen, Balkman

C: Nene, Anderson, Petro

* Graham could play shooting guard if needed.

I think Brumbaugh will end up making the roster for the rest of the season for depth purposes and because he has great potentiol to contribute to scoring off the bench as another rebounder.  Stay tuned for more training camp and Denver Nuggets news.

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