Michigan State-Michigan: Spartans Needs to Earn Respect, Not Demand It

The WolverineCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2009

Attention all football fans: the Michigan State Spartan football players demand respect.

That's right. They demand it.

And anyone who doesn't give it to them...well, that's just flat out disgusting.

I couldn't help but take this topic on after reading some quotes from MSU defensive end Trevor Anderson.

"After about 15 seconds [of playing Michigan], I realized why I didn't like them," he said. "Just the total lack of respect that they have for our school in general. Not just the program, but the general lack of respect they have for us. The lack of respect they have, period. It's sickening."

For the sake of argument, let's assume that Anderson's correct, and that Michigan players are hitting the day spa to get their nails done in preparation for this weekend. (That's a big assumption given the fact that MSU won last year in the Big House.)

The problem with Anderson's argument is that his team has historically earned the right to be disrespected.

How do you earn respect?

You win.

You win more than one game in a row.

MSU has beaten Michigan in 29 out of 101 tries, three out of the last 10, and six out of the last 20.

Importantly, MSU beat Michigan once—that's right, once—in the last seven meetings.

Michigan has won 42 Big Ten championships, nine of which have occurred in the last 20 years.

MSU has won six, only one of which has occurred in the last 20 years. (And it was the product of a four-way tie.)

National titles? NFL players?

It's the same story.

MSU's all time winning percentage is .511.

Michigan's? Let's just say it's higher.

That's not arrogance, folks, that's excellence. Why? Because it's based on numbers.

Can MSU fans prove anything other than their team's mediocrity?

MSU won't earn my respect unless their team beats mine and beats it on a consistent basis. On that historic day, your defensive end is then allowed to whine to the media about a lack of respect, assuming our players are still getting their nails done.

And, obviously, there exists a double-standard for MSU fans respecting Michigan.

After their lone victory in seven years last year, MSU fans utterly disrespected Michigan with the much-discussed billboard.

So desperate for respect, not having known what it is like to be in fact respected, MSU fans demonstrated their total classlessness and immaturity by jumping the gun when their team is actually, seemingly, potentially getting something together.

Respect requires more than one win in seven meetings. Even more than two in eight.

You ticked us off with that disrespectful billboard.

And you have our attention loud and clear with last year's victory in the Big House.

The pressure's entirely on you.

Respect? Let's see if you can actually earn it.