NBA To NFL. Who Will Make The Cut?

Harry KaneContributor ISeptember 30, 2009

There have been more than a handful of athletes who have excelled in multiple sports.  Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, and Brian Hunter were major contributors in both football and baseball. Michael Jordan tried. Luckily, he failed.

Syracuse quarterback Greg Paulus and Miami tight end Jimmy Graham made the switch from the college hardwood to the gridiron this year.  Both used all four years of their basketball eligibility.

NFL players Tony Gonzalez and Julius Peppers played major college basketball.  Antonio Gates played basketball too.

With NBA training camps underway this week (and NFL and NCAA football in full swing), I want to ponder which NBA players could make the switch to the pigskin.

While it is debatable as to which professional athletes are the MOST athletic, it is a fact that, in order to survive in football, you must be a physical specimen. 

This is why baseball, basketball, and soccer players have the skills to play football better than most of us, but may lack the speed or strength to play in the NFL.

On the other hand, while NFL players have the ability to play any sport better than most of us, they may not have the necessary skills to compete professionally in baseball, basketball, or soccer.

Players, and coaches, were selected based on how well their NBA 'game' would translate to the NFL 'game'.

Let's go ahead and these guys a helmet and some pads, huh?



QB  Jason Kidd (6-4, 210)-A born quarterback


RB  Dwyane Wade (6-4, 216)-The horse

RB  Derrick Rose (6-3, 190)-Young speedster


WR LeBron James (6-8, 250)-Go-to guy

WR Kobe Bryant (6-6, 205)-Possession

WR Carmelo Anthony (6-8, 230)-No fear down the middle


LT Shaquille O'Neal (7-1, 335)-Oh yeah, he will line up at FB and TE at times

LG Carlos Boozer (6-9, 266)-Pulling guard

C Brad Miller (7-0, 261)-Anchor

RG Glen "Big Baby" Davis (6-9, 289)-Hoss

RT Tim Duncan (6-11, 260)-Steady



RE Amare Stoudemire (6-9, 240)-Pass rush

DT Kendrick Perkins (6-10, 280)-Gap filler

DT DeJuan Blair (6-7, 265)-Clog in the middle

LE Emeka Okafor (6-10, 255)-Contain


ROLB Jason Maxiell (6-7, 260)-Blitz

MLB Ron Artest (6-7, 260)-Ray Lewis

LOLB Caron Butler (6-7, 228)-Speed


CB Devin Harris (6-3, 185)-Lockdown

CB Russell Westbrook (6-3, 187)-Man

SS Leandro Barbosa (6-3, 202)-Big Hit

FS Chris Paul (6-0, 175)-Vision



KR T.J. Ford (6-0, 165)-Breakaway

PR Nate Robinson (5-9, 180)-Sproles


K Dirk Nowitzki (7-0, 245)-Good for 3

P Sasha Vujacic (6-7, 205)-Captain



Wildcat QB Allen Iverson (6-0, 180)-Obviously

RB Jameer Nelson (6-0, 190)-Skatback

WR Brandon Roy (6-6, 211)-4 or 5 wide

TE Corey Maggette (6-6, 225)-Secret weapon

FB Baron Davis (6-3, 215)-Downhill

OL Kevin Love (6-10, 260)-Seviceable


CB Rajon Rondo (6-1, 171)-Nickel

CB Raymond Felton (6-1, 198)-Bump

LB Raja Bell (6-5, 215)-Rover

S Ben Gordon (6-3, 200)-Athlete

DL Andrew Bynum (7-0, 285)-Goal line



Head Coach Supervisor (new position): Pat Riley

Head Coach: Gregg Popovich

Offensive Coordinator: Jerry Sloan

Defensive Coordinator: Larry Brown

Offensive Line Coach: Stan Van Gundy

Wide Receivers Coach: Mike D'Antoni

Running Backs Coach: Don Nelson

Quarterbacks Coach: Phil Jackson

Defensive Line Coach: Mike Woodson

Linebackers Coach: Byron Scott

Secondary Coach: Doc Rivers

Special Teams Coach: Kurt Rambis


I would like to see this team, after three weeks of two-a-days, line up for 1 game against the Dolphins.  Just ONE game.

Obviously, the Dolphins would win. But it would not be the biggest rout we've ever seen.