Bleacher Report: Best Of the Young Writers Part Deux

Joe WillettSenior Writer IMay 31, 2008

I have been a member of Bleacher Report for about five months now, according to my profile page.

This site has been instrumental in me hopefully finding a career in sports journalism, and other young writers are taking advantage of it, too.

About two months ago, I brought to the limelight four young writers who had been making noise on B/R.

Most of them are still writing strong and and two of them are on or near the top writers list for the site as a whole.

After giving time for more young talent to join the website, I am ready to introduce three more great young writers whom I enjoy reading and as they begin to make noise of their own.

Max Iascone

Max has been a contributing member to B/R for about three months and has 27 articles and 20 fans to show for it.

He writes most of his articles about the NFL (20), mainly regarding his beloved Patriots (nine).

He may only be 15, but he brings good journalism that is worthy of being on the major networks that he has grown tired of.

And no, he isn't Robbert Loggia, although the resemblance is uncanny.

TJ Zwarych

Being just 14, TJ is trying to prove to everyone that he is better than any 40-year-old blogging about their favorite team.

And in just two months, he's contributed 23 articles that have combined to garner him 12 fans.

His bread-and-butter to this point has been the NBA, about which he has written 17 articles. He also gave the MVP candidates their due, writing seven stories each for Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul.

He may be new to writing, but this is just the beginning of a possible career.

Tim Yu

The most established of the writers on this list, Yu has written 96 articles and has 24 fans through the last eight months of being a member of B/R.

He is 17 years old and is mostly a soccer (futbol) fan.

As of right now, he is the third-ranked writer on the World Football section, and 17th on whole site rankings.

He has played soccer in high school, and follows pretty much all soccer leagues.  He also enjoys watching the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs and the NFL's Miami Dolphins.

He plans to head to the University of Alberta next year, and hopefully he will still contribute to this site the way he has for nearly a year now.

If you feel that you should be on this list, leave a comment to let everybody know what you are doing, and you may be featured in the next Best of the Young Writers.

I'm Joe W.


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