Hokie Fans Laughing at Disrespect

Justin CocchiolaCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2009

MIAMI - JANUARY 01:  Head coach Frank Beamer of the Virginia Tech Hokies celebrates after defeating the Cincinnati Bearcats to win the FedEx Orange Bowl at Dolphin Stadium on January 1, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

As Virginia Tech continues to win games after their opening day loss to Alabama, the media continues to ignore that the Hokies may actually have a formidable team.

If I remember correctly, Miami came into Blacksburg last Saturday and left with a 24-point loss, their first of the season.

However, Miami has received more publicity about the loss than Virgina Tech has for the win.  If Miami was "back" then where does that leave Virginia Tech?  Are the Hokies just the favorite in the ACC again, or that team that some people have ranked behind USC in their personal AP poll?

Well, I and the rest of the Hokie Nation have the answer.  Virginia Tech is the best one loss team out there.  Yes, Oklahoma lost Sam Bradford before losing to BYU but the last time I checked teams are ranked in the polls, not players.

Matt Barkley didn't start for the Trojans when they lost to, yes, WASHINGTON.  You can only carry a team but so far, and if we're going to play the injury card let's take a look at the Hokies.

If you forgot, Virginia Tech lost their starting running back in summer practice and inserted a freshman running back, Ryan Williams, who, luckily for the Hokies, has taken the ACC by storm and is about to be on everyone's radar for the Heisman.  Yeah, I just said that.

Virginia Tech lost to now third ranked Alabama, and they led three quarters of the game.  Both teams had huge questions coming into that September 5th matchup, and there's no doubt in my mind both teams are better now at this point in the season.

The fact of the matter is, no matter what Virginia Tech does they will get looked over in the media because their program doesn't have the luster of some of the other top programs (USC, Ohio State, Oklahoma) that are ranked in or near the top 10.

Last time I checked, what you did last season, or the year before, or 30 years ago doesn't matter.  Someone needs to tell this to member's of the media that have other one loss teams in front of Virginia Tech.

Overall, the majority of the media got it right, because the Hokies are the highest ranked one loss team, but I still have to put forth this theoretical question.

How do you rank Miami, who was unranked at the start of the season and was ranked ninth after two win's over ACC opponents, and give them so much hype, but then say Virgnia Tech isn't a legitimate national title threat after they beat "The U", which was apparently "back", by 24 points?

I and the rest of the Hokie Nation will continue to ponder this question, but until the Hokies lose again, which doesn't appear imminent, we'll continue to watch our team win games and continue to be ignored until someone looks up and figure's out the Hokies are one of the best teams in the nation, and, no, they're not in the SEC or Big 12.