Is the National Sports Media Angry at the Denver Broncos for Winning?

Jeff MarloweContributor ISeptember 30, 2009

DENVER - SEPTEMBER 20:  Head coach Josh McDaniels of the Denver Broncos leads his team against the Cleveland Browns during NFL action at Invesco Field at Mile High on September 20, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. The Broncos defeated the Browns 27-6.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Is it just me or do our wonderful football experts hold Denver to a different standard than they do the rest of the NFL?

I know, I know, that sounds like something an Oakland Raider fan would say just before whining about how the conspiracy to destroy Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders started with Pete Roselle.

But then again, all you have to do is read any article about the Broncos, scan the majority of those wonderful sops to the fans' ego, and the writers' arrogance, that we call power rankings or simply watch any show with NFL in the title to see that there might be something to the idea that the national sports media is miffed that Denver started 3-0.

What is it about the Broncos that makes them so angry?

Is it because we are winning without the Mastermind and the Glamour boy? Is it because the media spent so much time explaining how The Hooded baby coach from New England broke Shanny’s shiny toy, especially after we traded the once and future Jeff George to the bears, that they fully expected Josh McDaniel’s to take it to heart?

Are they angry at him for daring defy the expert analysis?

BLASPHEMY! Though shall not DEFY the experts!

Are they angry because the majority of Doom and gloom Bronco fans who carried signs demanding the Unacoach be fired turned out to be a loud minority? Are they miffed because most of us dared not take the dire predictions of the national sports media to heart and turn on the Broncos?

Are they annoyed that someone may be foolish enough to think the Broncos will do anything but tank the next 13 games and fulfill the prophecy of 3-13 and become the new Detroit Lions.  

BLASPHEMY! Though shall not DEFY the prophecy!


I am not sure why they are so angry, but they ARE angry. You can see it in their responses when the Broncos are mentioned.  It’s almost funny, but with very few exceptions the most common reaction when the Broncos 3-0 record is mentioned seems to be annoyance mixed with amusement and a dash of arrogance mixed in.

The arrogance stems from the “fact” that the experts know something we don’t.

By the way, can you hear the sarcasm when I type “experts?”

The most common theme where the Broncos are concerned is that they “have not played anybody.”  Each time the Broncos are mentioned it is in the same breath with “Oakland, Cleveland and Cincinnati.”

Of course, not that the Bengals are looking like contenders it becomes more difficult for the talking heads to use that line so its slowly starting to center on the “luck” of that game. And yeah, it was luck, but I’ll get to that later.  What I am more interested in at the moment is simple.

If the Broncos, at 3-0, are being laughed because of ease of schedule, how come the Chargers, The Ravens and the Giants are getting a a pass?

BLASPHEMY!! Though shall NOT question the power of the media darlings!

The Ravens have played the Chiefs, Chargers, and the same Browns who prove we are not that good.  They are 3-0. They have beaten one “ranked” team, the Chargers, who have not been all that good through three games.  

No one is taking into account that the Ravens offense may be benefiting from that schedule. Instead, they are ranked amongst the best in the league.

And how about the Chargers?  They beat the same Raiders...And that that proves the Broncos are a bust and they beat the Dolphins. Their one loss is to the Ravens, who we are told is the best team in the league behind maybe the Giants.

So strangely, the Chargers, who have played two scrubs and lost in their first real “test” are not benefiting from a weak schedule.  And the Giants. They have played Washington, Dallas, and Tampa Bay.  No schedule benefit there.

BLASPHEMY!! Though shall NOT question the POWER of coastal teams!

The other team that proves we are fake, the Bengals, are on a two game rip beating the Packers and the vaunted Steelers. The media has to be careful with this one. They risk being caught in up in their own hypocrisy when they say in one breath that Cinci is one of the heartless teams that proves Denver is useless while in the next praising them for maybe being for real.

They balance this risk by claiming that the Deflection was the only reason we won. This accomplishes two things, first it allows them to keep using Cincinnati as proof we are evil wolves in 3-0 clothing, praying on the sensitivity of the average fan. Second, it refuses to acknowledge what the defense did to a pretty good offense. Win/Win for the media monkey.

BLASPHEMY!! Though shall NOT dare hint that the Broncos my be anything but lousy!

Looking at it, we can see that each of those teams has won one game against a media darling. One has to wonder, is beating a Media Darling the key to the Media’s heart? If Denver beats Dallas in week four will the national media give them some love, some respect?  

Eh...Probably not. Denver will have to go through the next eight games without a loss before the media starts taking them seriously. One loss, even a competitive loss, will relegate them to the “I told you so” bin.

I can live with that though as I have to admit that watching the talking heads over at the league owned station and on the four stations that broadcast the games have to find new excuses for the Broncos success each week has been and will continue to be fun.

In the end the media may be right. The Denver Broncos might be the worst 3-0 team in the history of humankind. They may tank the rest of the season. That dominant defense may be an illusion and Josh McHoody may be an evil troll sent to destroy the house that Mike built.

If so, so be it. The season will play out and expose them for what they are and we Bronco fans that remained loyal in the face of the storm will be crushed and contrite like the national media says we should be.

But then again, the idea that the Broncos are 3-0 and crushing the teams they should crush may be a hint of things to come.

It may be simple truth is that if Denver had played this same schedule last season, with the Masterminds defense under his future scapegoat DC and with the interception machine under Center, we would still be 3-0, but we would have given up 90 points, and maybe Brady Quinn would still be a starter for another week or so based solely on how good our d (lower case) made him look.

The fact that we have allowed one touchdown...and that to a team proving to have a very dynamic offense…may actually mean something in the end.

BLASPHEMY!! Though shall NOT...oh forget it.

I don’t know what the Broncos future is. Maybe we are what we think we are and we get the added bonus of seeing the national media get angrier and angrier because the Broncos refuse to read the script provided by the experts. Maybe we are what the experts so desperately hope we are and we will lose 11 or more games.

Then again maybe Bronco fan hope is not misplaced. Maybe after a few more wins the experts will allow us the courtesy of not being such blatant hypocrites, allow the games to be played, and stop taking Broncos success so personally.

And maybe I’ll be the next James Bond.


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