Are The Gimmick PPVs a Good Or Bad Move For Pro Wrestling?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIISeptember 30, 2009

This Sunday we are going to see a new PPV taking the place of No Mercy called Hell in a Cell. It is going to be centered around the name of course, having all the main events in Hell in a Cell matches.

It makes one think why the WWE would go through with such a match with a PG format because there can be no planned blood. Then it becomes even dumber because all of the main events are going to be one after the other.

So that means three Hell in a Cell matches back to back to back. I am sure you get it by now.

It is kind of dumb on two ends. The first is that all of the matches on the card will not be HIAC matches. Like I mentioned earlier, only the main events will be. So it doesn't make much sense to name a PPV Hell in a Cell when only three matches will actually be Hell in a Cell matches. Its not even the majority of the matches.

It is also dumb because you have three in a row coming, and they won't be nearly as good as they have been in the past. Mainly because there will be no blood. Also since they can't risk someone getting any blood involved, they won't be doing anything near what we have seen in these matches in the past.

I guarantee no one will be thrown from the top or go through the cage which could definitely cause blood and injury.

But the Hell in a Cell PPV is not the only dumb PPV idea. They are just coming off of a PPV called Breaking Point, where most if not all the matches were contested in some kind of submission match.

It was considered to be a dumb idea, but it turned out to be an pretty good show. Not the greatest PPV what so ever, but not nearly as bad as people thought it would be.

But, because it was centered on submissions, anyone on the roster could be in a submission based match.

In December, we will be having a TLC match replacing Armageddon. This is one I like, but don't understand. Like the HIAC match coming up, only the main events will be contested in TLC.

That's not cool with me what so ever because we could see anyone compete in TLC. But, its also going to be far more dangerous than the HIAC match because the wrestlers will have to keep non-stop action going in the TLC match-up, where as they could just stay in the ring or fight on the top of the cage in HIAC.

In TLC though someone has to be getting hit or get set up for something during the match. So, while it is more dangerous if done right, you can have more matches instead of three.

But still, that is only if it a PPV is centered around the TLC match. I hate the idea of a gimmick PPV. There shouldn't be more than one Hell in a Cell, Ladder, TLC, or Street Fight match at a PPV.

Why give us something we have seen twice before? What, because there is two or more different people than there were before that it is automatically be something special to see?

It is completely dumb to give us three of the same matches, especially in a row. At least the all submission PPV gave us a bit of variety, where the submission matches were not the exact same match.

I also don't understand why they want to do all these gimmick PPVs when the PPVs are just fine without all the gimmicks.

Now, the WWE wants to change the historic No Way Out PPV because NWO is the home of the Elimination Chamber match. They may want to change the name to fit the EC matches that will take place.

I think it's completely dumb especially because NWO has been one of the PPVs that has been around longer than many others. It, along with Backlash, Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Wrestlemania are the last standing PPVs that have not had their names changed.

Seeing this one go down would be terrible, especially because it is part of the lead up to Wrestlemania, but I digress.

The stupid part about the whole thing is, that while I don't agree with the gimmick PPVs, you would think all the matches on the card would be under the gimmick, but their not. If only the main events are then the show is nothing special.

But seeing the exact same match one after the other is stupid in its own right.

While I am in favor of gimmick matches, they should not be used this way. Instead, there should only be one gimmick match on the show. If you want another one on the program, at least don't make it the same as another.

Otherwise, who would want to stick around until the end? Also, it puts way more pressure on the last match on the card, because if the two before it get massive pops, then the last match has to deliver big time.

If it doesn't, it will be seen as a failure in the eyes of the fans. Even if the match could be considered a great match on any other night.

So, WWE do yourself a favor and kill the gimmick PPVs. Please, keep the gimmick matches coming. But don't over do it, otherwise you're just as good as ECW was. And I'm not talking about the brand, but the promotion. You know the one that went out of business!

You can take this article as just another fan complaint, and of course no one would think different of you. But, if you want to satisfy the fans, finally pay attention to one. I'm Just Saying!