Bradford, Tebow Injured: Is McCoy Next?

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Bradford, Tebow Injured: Is McCoy Next?
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"Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!"...

Ok, perhaps it’s a bit disingenuous to equate the injuries to Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow to the misfortunes of Mr. Frazier in the '73 Heavyweight championship bout, but I believe the comparison sufficiently expresses my point.

Leading up to this season, 90 percent of the hype surrounded three quarterbacks—UT's Colt McCoy, OU's Sam Bradford, and UF's Tim Tebow.

We're not even approaching the midway point of the season, yet two of the "media darlings" have already gone down with injuries.

Less significant to me are the reasons why the past two Heisman winners went down; although, to oblige, you can point to an inexperienced OL for Bradford's shoulder woes, and just plain foolishness by the UF coaching staff for leaving the team's cult hero in the game when it was already decidedly won.

...And there was a silent chill in Gainesville.

If you’re looking for one moment to sum up Tebow's ascendancy over his peers, check out when the entire team converged on to the field to see the status of their general. Personally, I've never seen anything quite like it.

In that moment, I was abruptly brought full circle on the leadership of number 15.

Now, I've never been a proponent of fate. As a Christian, I've always held the belief that we are all under the authority of our own free will.

However, as a Texas fan, there is something oddly unsettling about the misfortunes of these two college football giants.

Should I be worried about our guy next?

Rationally I understand that two players' injuries cannot increase or decrease the odds of any other player getting hurt, any more so than I can control the weather.

That being said, I can't extinguish this little voice in my head, that's telling me otherwise...

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