In My World: SEC Week Four Ramblings

Jesse MitchellCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2009

After a much needed vacation last week, we return this week with more ramblings from the Preacher that have absolutely no bearings or meaning beyond those that are implied here.

So even if it don't count, here are my weekly ramblings from the glorious SEC.


1. Non-conference Rants and accolades

I like to get these out of the way first to help me warm up for the conference. First off, I must say again, congratulations to Michigan for the 4-0 start to their season. There are many SEC teams that are actually pulling for you so they can deliver the payback for all of those years you dominated and embarrassed us.

Here's a question of the day: If Sam Bradford is so good, why is Oklahoma playing so much better without him? Maybe Stoops should quietly hand him off to the NFL and play the "season ending injury" card and let Landry Jones officially take over the offense.

Who will be the BCS buster this year? TCU? Houston? Cincinnati? Even though some may be from BCS conferences, they can still play the part of "buster" by being a team no one has heard of running the gauntlet.

And now on the the most dominate conference in the nation.


2. Here is my Auburn Apology

In my preseason overview of Auburn, I picked them as having a dismal year with Chizick having a rebuilding year. I predicted Auburn only winning three games, with five wins being the most they would get.

However, amidst all the "biased" rants and raves, I promised to issue an apology if Aubie made it through September un-defeated, and another if they made it to a bowl game.

So here is my official apology. I'm sorry, I was wrong, now let's move on.

Auburn leads the SEC in total offense (tied with Florida) and in all likelihood will make it to the five-win mark. Shoot, they might even get six if Ole Miss doesn't start showing up to their conference games.

But you have to admit, they haven't been really challenged this year. Saturday will be their first real teat when they face the number three defense in the nation up in Knoxville.

Auburn should win this game, but more importantly we will find out if their offense is for real or not. Their defense is thin and I believe as good as they will get. If they avoid injuries, it may be good enough to get them in a bowl.


3. Whats wrong with the Ole Ball Coach?

Hypothetical question: If your team performs better when the head coach calls the plays, why are you still allowing your son to call the plays?

Did the tough guy on the field forget how to tell his real kids no?

This is a talented team and can compete with any team in the conference, but even the most faithful must admit that Steve Jr. makes some really head scratching calls on offense. When Steve Sr. overrules and calls the right play, USC excels.

So why isn't he?


4. McElroy Dominates Stats, but Receives no National Attention. Huh?

People refuse to even mention this guy in the same conversation with Bradfords, McCoy, or Snead, yet he is outplaying all three combined. What's up with that?

Bama just keeps rolling along and still receives no love from the pollsters. If Florida wasn't in the SEC, the Tide might just find itself in Auburn's shoes a few years ago; that is being the best team in the nation and watching two others playing for the CS.

As a side note, if Bama wins out, LSU may find itself in the same situation.


5. Speaking of LSU, are they for real or not?

LSU is ranked No. 4 in the national polls and I am proud of that, but man, they cannot afford too many more close calls like last week against Mississippi State.

When your own coach calls you "vulnerable", well that doesn't look good. I mean, this conference takes mental toughness to win, so why sucker punch your own team? While it may be true, Les should have kept this comment to himself.

It's ugly, but it is a win. I am sure the Tigers will be ready for Florida this week, but they cannot afford to play this game close. If they can hold Florida back in the first quarter, they will be able to compete as that is when the Gators score their most points.

They better, anyway, because their offense is not a "put a bunch of points up" type of team that it would take to come from behind. Example? See Kentucky below.


6. How is Georgia still Winning?

Ranked 115 in turn over margins, 113th in turnovers lost.

Averaging 10 penalties per game, 118th in country.

Ranked 107th in special teams giving up 25 yard or more plays.

Need I continue? Yet they still keep winning. While it looks bad on paper, this actually impresses me. It's like taking Vandy to the Big 12 and only losing one game.


7. How is Kentucky Losing?

All the pieces are here. They have the talent to play and win. Aside from the first quarter, they actually outplayed Florida last Saturday. Why?

It is mental, and Coach Brooks admits that they mentally beat themselves this past Friday.

This is a serious issue, as it is not something that can be fixed overnight. It takes years to coach a team into believing in themselves and their abilities.

They have a chance to redeem themselves this weekend against the Crimson Tide of Alabama, and they always manage to give the Tide fits, almost beating them in Tuscaloosa last year.

Here's a "way out there" prediction: If the Wildcats can keep it close this weekend, they have the ability to win out the rest of the year. 10-2 would be astounding.

Physically, they can. Mentally? The jury's out.


8. How did Jevon Snead Become Ole Miss's Weakest Link

Overrated? Maybe.

Underrated? Maybe.

Everyone is showing up to play on game day except the QB, Mr. Heisman himself. The curse of Houston Nutt lives on.

Snead said in an interview, "If you will remember, we started slow last year..." This is not a leader speaking. A leader is Tebow after losing last year, taking responsibility and then fixing his mistakes and leading his team to do the same.

Snead needs to take Leadership 101...and take his head coach with him.


9. Florida is no Super-Team

Are they good? Of course, but they are not the invincible "best team to ever take the field" as the media has branded them. Heck, they are not even playing as good as they did last year.

The Gators are vulnerable. The other teams better take notice and take advantage before they get their ship righted, LSU, are you listening?


10. Tennessee is...well Tennessee

The third best defense in the nation. 125th in offense.

Defense does indeed win championships. But the offense has to attribute a little bit, don't they? Kiffin needs to give up the play calling. Maybe Monte can do that, too.

Enough said.


11. Is Fulmer in Vandy's Future

Why isn't Vanderbilt winning? Injuries? Discipline? Coaching?

How about all of the above. Like Kentucky, Vandy has the talent to win. They are just missing the mental push to put them over the hill.

So Fulmer has hinted that he may be interested in Vandy if Johnson is fired or retires. Will he fit in there? I would prefer him to go to Notre Dame, or somewhere else out of this conference.

But then, I would hardly ever see him get beat, which I thoroughly enjoy.


Preacher's Power Rankings

1. Alabama       2. Florida       3. LSU       4. South Carolina       5. Auburn     


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