The Saga Of Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso (2009/2010)

Paula RContributor ISeptember 30, 2009

Kimi and Alonso are classic enemies. They fought hard in 2005 with Alonso getting the trophy while Kimi had his crashes. Alonso is just a lame man trying to blame the world around him for his lack of speed and control whereas Kimi is basically a stone with no emotion. The situation clearly proves that Formula One need new wilder drivers.

However that's not the story now but the story is about who is going to be the 2010 Ferrari driver. As a huge Kimi fan that loves his "I don't care" driving, I would love to see him in a fast car next year. The whole Alonso saga about how Ferrari wants him and how he wants Ferrari also is killing me. Kimi need a good car and where can he find another Ferrari if not in Ferrari. But Alonso gets over Kimi again. He is now the Ferrari 2010 driver replacing Iceman.

Mclaren might be fast but they are just overrated and unreliable team that knows not how to win. They often panic when troubles come. It upsets me to know that as Alonso moved to Ferrari, Kimi might drive along side Lewis who is the baby of England. Lewis is famous for his wanting extra attention attitude and this obviously will affect Kimi's driving qualities next year. Maybe I am just thinking way too much but Kimi and Lewis will never make a good team and that is a fact. On the other hand, Alonso is going to have a good time winning while Kimi and Lewis struggle in Mclaren.

Maybe Brawn will be tougher and stronger next year but I just doubt that as they are getting slower day by day. I just pray that next year F1 won't be as boring as this year. I want that F1 that keeps the fire burning in my soul and spirit. I want to be addicted to F1 again. This year was a very lame year full of no dramas or tension. It was just all white. I am still wanting and waiting for the real thing to start so that my adrenalin can rush through my vein like it used too. I want the Kimi who drives like James Hunt.

Scientifically F1 need to be fast and full of conflict with great pilots and engineers that make our earth a better place. So I hope next year we'll get some of that.