Stephanie McMahon's Apparent Face Turn Hints at Future Triple H vs. Shane Feud

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistMay 10, 2016

Stephanie McMahon
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Stephanie McMahon has seen the error of her ways.

The woman who shrieked on TV about how much she deserved respect is now being cordial to the fans. Instead of manipulating the talent to get her way, she is siding with the babyfaces. She's saying all the right things, and she's doing all the right things. She and her brother, Shane McMahon, are on the same page.

But it will not last long. Triple H is in the shadows, and he's biding his time.

From the moment Vince McMahon announced his kids would be running WWE Raw together, fans knew it was going to backfire. After all, Shane and Stephanie are on different sides, and holding the same position is not a guarantee of cooperation.

The idea may have been intriguing, but many fans weren't falling for it.

But instead of going another way, WWE insisted on pursuing the storyline. The McMahon family drama was back in full force, and that meant every Monday was going to feature another chapter. This was likely not what fans wanted, especially since Shane had returned and was breathing new life into Raw.

He may not have been personally responsible for Raw's booking, but he was getting credit for it.

Raw did feel different in many ways, as fresh faces were emerging and new angles were developing. The new era was underway, and the WWE audience was getting what it wanted. Shane was doing a good job, and everything seemed to be on the right track.

But then Stephanie came back.

Fans expected conflict between the two, but there hasn't been much of that. Stephanie has seemingly changed her ways, and the fans are sitting back and watching it all unfold. But they are not alone because The Game is watching with them.

All of this is a sham on Stephanie's part, a way to sucker Shane in and gain his confidence. She has no intention of working with her brother, and she probably never did. She's doing everything in her power to fool him, and so far, it seems to be working.

But she's not fooling the fans.

The storyline has moved along too fast to be believed, and that has led many to the realization that it's all a front. WWE is intent on heating up the McMahon family feud again, and it evidently needs to be done quickly. It's not a storyline that is growing organically, so there's been no time for viewers to invest in it.

It's nothing but a setup for Shane vs. Triple H.

Fans have been predicting the match would happen at some point, and now it's just a matter of time until it does. The road to that match will likely continue with more of the same devious manipulation that Stephanie is showing.

The likelihood that The Authority would just roll over and die is laughable.

WWE's most dominant faction of all time has been in power since 2013, and in that time, it has been practically bulletproof. Triple H and Stephanie love playing the corporate heels on TV, and their characters love bullying everyone they come into contact with.

The company needs high-profile feuds, and this is one that has yet to materialize. But it will soon.

Triple H will make his presence known, and it could be bad for Shane when that happens. Shane will probably be laid out at the end of Raw or, perhaps, at the close of an upcoming pay-per-view. Triple H will destroy Shane, and it will be the first shot fired in their rivalry.

Of course, this is assuming Shane doesn't figure it out beforehand.

Shane has been portrayed as smarter this time around, a guy who has been here before and knows how the game is played. He may be going along with Stephanie's ruse right now, but that could be part of a bigger plan to make her feel overconfident.

This storyline could actually see Shane avoid a sneak attack altogether.

But regardless of how it goes down, the fact is Shane vs. Triple H is bound to happen. The pieces are being put into place right now, and it makes perfect sense. Shane had the nerve to challenge his father and muscle The Authority out of the picture. 

This is enough to fuel the feud, and it could become the hottest feud of the summer.

WWE's new era is a real event, and it's happening every week on TV. But the company's fresh talent can't carry it alone, and the veterans still have a lot to offer. Shane vs. Triple H may not have sold many tickets last year, but that will not be the case this time around.

Both men will work hard to get the feud over, and the match itself should be epic. The fate of WWE hangs in the balance once again, and only time will tell which side will come out on top.


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