Whiplash Bears Fans: Welcome Back to the Bandwagon

Eric StorieContributor ISeptember 30, 2009

CHICAGO - SEPTEMBER 20: Charles Tillman #33 of the Chicago Bears hugs teammate Jay Cutler #6 after a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 20, 2009 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Steelers 17-14. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Attention all Whiplash Bears Fans: Welcome back to the bandwagon.

You know who you are.

Mere milliseconds after the Week One loss in Green Bay, you initiated your own local chapter of the He-Man Cutler-Haters Club...even though two of Jay Cutler's four INTs could be attributed to receiver error, and the Bears' QB was not on the field for either of the crucial Chicago mistakes in that contest.


After Green Bay, you and your mindless buddies went directly to Apocalypse-Level Panic Mode with such urgency that you left tire tracks, giving yourself whiplash in the process.

You took to the airwaves and web-waves with a virtual avalanche of texts, blogs, and tweets, not only declaring the trade itself a complete bust, but also writing off the entire '09 season as a total loss.

After one game.

One game that also happened to be Cutler's first game in a new system...with a new team...at Lambeau Field.

Your fragile mind may have blocked the memory, but don't forget that the Bears held a two-point lead with under 90 ticks remaining. Somehow though you convinced yourself that the loss was completely due to Cutler's incompetence at QB, and decided to fall on your sword immediately.

Fast forward a week, and your expression certainly changed pretty quickly, didn't it?

Led by the Object-of-Your-Dejection himself, the Bears scored 10 unanswered fourth-quarter points to complete a possible season-saving win against the defending champs via a last second field goal.


Fast forward another week to Seattle, where Cutler orchestrates another game-winning fourth-quarter drive (on the loudest field in football mind you), ending in a go-ahead TD pass with less than two minutes to go.


So here you are now performing yet another whiplash-worthy, 180-degree flip-flop.

In love with Cutler once again, you're now in a full sprint, chasing after the very same Bears Bandwagon that you so quickly and prematurely abandoned just 14 short days ago.

Luckily, you are welcome back aboard the bus, Mr. Hysterical. But only under one condition.

You must realize, understand, and accept that a single game, four interceptions or not, does not change anything for a talent like Cutler.

Be reminded that his 4,526 passing yards last season were the 17th best total of all-time.

Yes, all-time.

Now, of course, that doesn’t put Jay Cutler into the Hall of Fame tomorrow, but the man's not just going to up and lose the ability to play the position well.

So please, repeat the following aloud, until you really believe it:

  • I overreacted.
  • The sky is not falling.
  • It never was.
  • The Bears will be fine.
  • Jay Cutler will be fine.

So once again Whiplash Fans, welcome back to the Bears Bandwagon. You'll notice that its much more comfortable in here than out there...

...even with a neck brace.