LSU at UGA, USC at Cal, OK at The U Highlight Week Five

David HedlindAnalyst IISeptember 30, 2009

BATON ROUGE, LA - OCTOBER 25:  Knowshon Moreno #24 of Georgia outruns the tackle of Rahim Alem #84 in the second half of their football game at Tiger Stadium on October 25, 2008 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Georgia won 52-38. (Photo by Dave Martin/Getty Images)

After a major week of upsets what will week five bring us? More of the same if we are lucky. Well if you like controversy and excitement anyway.

Wednesday Sept 30

Hawaii at Louisiana Tech- Seriously what is that? Like a five hour time difference for Hawaii? The Warriors are not quite as good on the road most of the time.

Thursday Oct 1

Colorado at West Virginia- If it wasn’t on Thursday I don’t know if I would watch it. Really doesn’t sound all that exciting but it was a close one last year so maybe it will be ok.

Friday Oct 2

Pitt at Louisville- A little Big East action on a Friday night. Might not be overly important at this point since it is still early but it is the conference opener for both.

Saturday Oct 3

Michigan at Michigan State- I keep hearing about it but already this looks like a mismatch. Michigan is running hot while Michigan State is not.

Wisconsin at Minnesota- This one on the other hand intrigues me. Only one loss between the two teams and that was a close one by Minnesota to a highly ranked team.

South Florida at Syracuse- I only include this to ask will South Florida prove they aren’t missing Grothe or was the Florida State win a fluke?

Florida State at Boston College- It seemed like last season every game had an enormous impact on the ACC standings. Which Florida State will show up? The last two weeks looked like two different teams.

LSU at Georgia- There is a lot of talk about LSU not being quite as good as their ranking indicates. Actually I have heard that about UGA too.

Air Force at Navy- Not as prestigious as Army v Navy but you still gotta respect it.

Washington at Notre Dame- Notre Dame keeps winning, but they are winning close. I don’t know if any of the teams they have beat have been as good as Washington has appeared they can be.

UCLA at Stanford- Actually kind of a big game in respect to the Pac-10 race. Stanford is 2-0 in conference but they are wins against the Washington schools. UCLA has not played a conference game yet but is 3-0 overall. There is also a pretty good defense for UCLA and a pretty dangerous offense from Stanford.

Auburn at Tennessee- Two new SEC coaches. One that was welcomed by the school despite his loud mouth and actions. The other, greeted at the airport with verbal abuse form a “fan.” I wonder what the fans think now?

USC at Cal- Has less appeal than it did prior to the season. USC lost to Washington and Cal got destroyed by Oregon. This game will still have an impact on the conference and the fight to keep the season a success for both.

Oklahoma at Miami- Another game that has less appeal than it did a few weeks ago. I am sure most expected Oklahoma to come in undefeated. They aren’t. I don’t think many expected Miami to only have one loss. They do. Both could still end up in a BCS bowl.