Week 4 Picks and Analysis

Michael ZambitoContributor ISeptember 29, 2009

BALTIMORE - SEPTEMBER 27:  Ray Rice #27 of the Baltimore Ravens runs the ball into the endzone for his first career touchdown against the Cleveland Browns at M&T Bank Stadium on September 27, 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens defeated the Browns 34-3. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

Here are my "Rank the Games" for week 4 games with a little bit of analysis and scores.

  1. NYJ @ NO   Really who would have thought the Jets would be undefeated at this time in the schedule.  Most pundits had them at 0-3.  Can the Jets defense slow down the Drew Brees and company?  Buffalo hung with the Saints for 3Q, now NO returns home.   NO 23-17
  2. GB @ MIN   Since Brett Faaaarrrvvvah return to the NFL this is one matchup everyone circled on the schedule.  GB has a decent pass rush and can put up some points.  MIN squeaked out a win.  Can MIN slow down GB attack?  MIN 34-30
  3. BAL @ NE   Two years ago BAL had the chance to defeat NE on MNF and hand the Pats their 1st loss of the season.  Didn't happen, but the NYG did in the SB.  BAL has #2 offense and yes that is not a typo.  BAL pass defense gave up 438 passing yds to SD.  Brady looked off with his receivers.  This could actually turn in to a shootout. NE 37-35
  4. SD @ PIT   PIT could easily be 3-0 as 1-2 with last minute losses to CHI and CIN.  Does PIT miss Polamalu, yes.  Rivers put up 438 against BAL, but this one is on the road.  If SD hangs around late in the game, advantage SD without Polumalu.  Anyone remember the ending to last year's game when Polamalu intercepted the pass and lateral the ball.  Sure it shouldn't have counted but it was a big swing with the point spread in Vegas.  PIT 17-12
  5. DAL @ DEN  This is the first test for the league's #1 DEF, no not another typo.  Sure the Broncs are 3-0, but one knocked down pass and they are 2-1.  With Barber and Jones nursing injuries can Choice be the go to guy?  Will the DEN offense handle the DeMarcus Ware and the rest of the DAL defense?  DEN 27-10 (reversal of Super Bowl XII score)
  6. BUF @ MIA  Anyone else see TO and his alligator arms.  Classic TO.  BUF was in the game until the 4th Q.  No reason this team couldn't be 2-1.  MIA is without the fragile Pennington so that leaves the team with Chad Henne to lead the team.  Oh by the way they just signed Tyler Thigpen.  Maybe the Fins should run the wildcat every play this week.  Looks like that 1st place schedule will get them this year.    MIA 17-10
  7. DET @ CHI   Way to go DET to finally getting that elusive W.  CHI took care of business when and where they should have, in SEA.  Only reason this game is this high is because DET has been in almost every game this season and it is a divisional rivalry.   CHI 23-9
  8. TEN @ JAC  Is TEN the best 0-3 team or are they not as good as last year?  TEN DEF is just not the same without Hanyesworth.  If you have Pocket Hercules, AKA MJD, start him this week.  TEN 20-10
  9. CIN @ CLE   This game should be ranked lower, but it is a divisional rivalry.  Those games are always close.  Who will QB the Browns?  Carson Palmer looked good the last drive of against the Steelers.  Expect a big day from Palmer this week against this Browns weak pass defense.  CIN 42-26
  10. STL @ SF  STL looks awful. Nuff said.  SF won't be the same without a healthy Frank Gore.  Coach Singletary has the team playing well despite a no name offense.  If you don't think so name one of the WRs.  SF 27-10
  11. OAK @ HOU   The OAK offense may just be what the HOU defense needs to gain some confidence.  Mr. Russell you are not throwing to 7ft tall WRs.  Blaming the young WRs is not an excuse.  See the Manning brothers.  HOU 37-24
  12. NYG @ KC   The NYG could easily post back-to-back shutouts.  Can anyone tell me who the RBs are for KC?  GM Scott Pioli has his work cut out for him in KC.  Give them a few years to trim the fat and get some decent players.  NYG 28-0
  13. SEA @ IND   After back-to-back prime time games on the road, (MIA/AZ) IND comes home and takes the SEA to town.  Is Seneca Wallace the successor to Matt Hassleback?  IND 37-18
  14. TB @ WAS   Seriously if WAS doesn't score some points against this team, Jim Zorn SHOULD be fired.  TB defense just isn't what it used to be.  Still a few years away.  WAS 3-2


This week byes:  Cardinals, Falcons, Panthers, Eagles