My Thoughts On The State Of The Cleveland Browns

gary wertmanCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2017

It’s safe to say, the most unpopular man in Cleveland is Eric Mangini. Maybe in the entire NFL. Cleveland Browns’ fans may say “unpopular” is too nice a word to describe Mangini. Players are filing grievances over excessive fines, the NFL has fined him, the Browns are 0-3 and he still doesn’t know who his quarterback is. He’s sure put his stamp on the team.

Eric Mangini believes in discipline. After four years under Romeo Crennel, this team disparately needed a stern hand. Mangini is doing things his way, that much I like. I went on record as being for the hiring of Mangini. He has brought hard work and accountability back to Cleveland. When Romeo was the coach, no one knew if Romeo or Phil Savage was calling the shots. The problem Mangini is faciing is that, with his style of handling players, he’d better win or he’ll risk losing the team, and then his job. Crennel was everybody’s buddy. That’s why he lasted four years. Mangini can’t afford  losing. This is something he should know. He’s a very smart man.

For every Browns fan who says we have to give Mangini enough time to build his team his way, there are probably 500 who say fire him today. I say give him at least two years. That should be enough time to build a contender or know were very close. Mangini needs to weather this early season storm, I know it seems like a hurricane, and get a win. Winning makes all the hard work seem worth while. Players need some sense of achievement for the hell they are going through.

I have said this is the worst Cleveland Browns football team I’ve ever seen, and through the first three games they are. I don’t think they will continue to play this bad. Immediate improvement  needs to be shown at both quarterback and offensive coordinator for starters. Brian Daboll is learning on the job and probably needs help. Maybe QB coach Carl Smith can provide that help. Smith has 35 years of coaching experience including 19 in the NFL. I know both Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson can’t be as bad as they’ve looked so far. Defensively, maybe Rob Ryan could use some help from Mangini, since defense is his expertise. How about playing Mike Adams, Alex Hall and Coye Francies more.

As bad as they’ve looked so far, a win over the Cincinnati Bengals would do wonders for both team and fan morale. As a fan of the Browns for 49 years, I’m sure not giving up on them, but a few wins would  make my Sundays  a whole lot better.


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