John Azam's Week 4 Prediction Game and Week 3 Results

John Azam AzamCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2009

24 Sep 2000:  Aaron Gibson #71 of the Detriot Lions walks out onto the field during the game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Lions defeated the Bears 21-14.Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel  /Allsport


This is John Azam's Prediction Game.

I have 16 members in my game.

I was hoping to get atleast 25 so if you are did not join my game then please join my game because I want more members.

Anyways I will first tell the results.

First, here are the members with playoff spots:

1. Robert Meyer with 13 points

2. Blaine Spence with 12 points

3. Chris Anderson with 12 points

4. Tayler Smith with 12 points

5. Will Holt with 12 points


Now here are the people that are hunting for a Playoff Spot

6. People's Champion with 11 points

7. Tyler Lambert with 11 points

8. Hurricane Hubbard with 11 points

9. Justin Thomas with 11 points

10. Sportscaster with 11 points


People that need to catch up

11. Kyle Winslow with 10 points

12. JC De La Torre with 10 points

13. Yoni Janis with 10 points

14. JW Nix with 10 points

15. MR. DAVE with 10 points

16. Austin Penny with 7 points


If I made a mistake then please tell me.

Congrats Robert Meyer! You are the winner with 13 points and that means you are leading the game.

Ok, so here are the Week 4 games and remember, you can still join the game because I want more people. Those of you that are already in my game can tell other people to join.


Bucs versus Redskins

Ravens versus Patriots

Lions versus Bears

Titans versus Jaguars

Raiders versus Texans

Bengals versus Browns

Seahawks versus Colts

Giants versus Chiefs

Bills versus Dolphins

Jets versus Saints

Rams versus 49ers

Cowboys versus Broncos

Chargers versus Steelers

Packers versus Vikings