Urban Meyer's Forthcoming Decision Regarding Tim Tebow

James WalkerAnalyst IISeptember 29, 2009

GAINESVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 19:  Head coach Urban Meyer of the Florida Gators speaks with Tim Tebow #15 following a touchdown during the game against the Tennessee Volunteers at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on September 19, 2009 in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Urban Meyer has been subject to many questions regarding Tim Tebow's injury Saturday at Kentucky. Fans are usually armchair quarterbacks the day after a game, but this time we are witnessing more armchair doctors than ever before.

The first topic of discussion was why Tebow was still in the game. The game was well in hand, but I can see why Meyer still had him in the game. Yes, it was a typical Tebow ground-game against Kentucky; however, his passing stats were not that stellar. Let's face it, Tebow's main focus for returning for his senior season was to quiet those who doubt his passing abilities.

Another question: how did Tebow not see Taylor Wyndham coming? He must have had his eyes locked down-field and was totally oblivious to the hit that was going to be delivered. It is one thing to stand in the pocket until the very last minute, but to give oneself up like that is insane.

Now Coach Meyer has a decision to make.  Should he play Tebow even if the doctors clear him to play? Yes, many football players suffer concussions, but what we witnessed Saturday night was very scary. 

The hit was brutal, but watching Tebow's neck snap forward like that sends shivers down my back every time I think about it.

Doctor's will say any player recovering from a concussion should recuperate between two to four weeks. It has been reported that Tebow suffered a mild concussion, and has responded well since being released from the hospital Sunday morning. Regardless, it will be quite sometime before the image of Tebow lying on the ground motionless leave our collective memories.

Is Meyer saying that Tebow is recovering quickly a way to justify his start for the LSU game?  Are there concerns having second-string quarterback John Brantley start in Tebow's place?  Or is Meyer telling everyone the truth and Tebow truly is recovering on or ahead of schedule?

Personally, I don't see Coach Meyer jeopardizing Tim Tebow's career, or more importantly, his health in order to win a football game. Urban Meyer views Tim Tebow as a son. He spoke of his knees shaking as he stood over Tebow while he laid on the ground motionless. 

No, I don't buy into the notion that football games and national championships are more important to Urban Meyer than a young man's health.

Tim Tebow will start against LSU if he is ready to do so, and only if there is no chance of further damaging his brain. 

Let's face it, a concussion is more serious than a sprained ankle, and if the medical staff at Florida thinks it is not safe for him to play, he will wear a headset instead of a helmet on October 10th.