Monaco GP: Little Coverage for Back Markers

bryan campbellContributor IMay 31, 2008

There are many articles on this site as well as contributors to this site that agree that the coverage for the Monaco GP was not so stellar. The race itself was a good one; plenty of battles down the grid due to the safety car's appearances. 

I, however, did not get the 'Hamiltonvision' that a few are complaining about because I watched on SPEED.

Their coverage was pretty decent mainly because as soon as Hamilton pulled away from the pack, they stopped talking about him as they usually do with the tremendous leads.

The thing that I am complaining about is that there was not enough coverage of the usual back marker teams. All the cars were packed together so tight that there were battles EVERYWHERE. 

When I say there was poor coverage of the back of the grid teams, I am speaking of Force India, Adrian Sutil in particular. Even though Adrian qualified 19th on the grid, he started 18th with the help of Kovalainen.

Everyone was so focused on how Alonso was doing, how Ferrari and Mclaren were faring against each other, or what tires might go on the cars, no one noticed Sutil sneaking up the grid with amazing wet driving skills. 

In general, it was pretty even coverage over the grid. 

Throughout the race, the commentators would mention Sutil's position, and I would like to know how he went from 18th, to 14th, to 10th and his final resting place of fourth. Those were the only positions I heard Sutil in through out the race.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only uneventful way that could happen is if cars magically disappeared off the grid, which would still be pretty amazing.

Sutil's race was the type of race one would see from a top level team who qualified badly. Instead, it was a 'bottom of the grid' team qualifying in their usual slot.

I want to see the Monaco GP again but less coverage about what could happen and more about what is happening. Sutil had an amazing drive and showed great skill.

It’s just too bad nobody saw him until he got rear ended by Raikkonen.