JaMarcus Russell, Al Davis Believes in You, Us Fans Don't Anymore

Gil BecerraCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2009

The effort doesn't show on the field. The lack of being able to hit simple dump passes is gut wrenching to watch. At home vs. San Diego, 12 for 30. At Kansas City, 7 of 24 and here at home vs. Denver, 12 for 21 but misleading with 61 yards.

Seriously? If SOME of those passes were hit, team enthusiasm would be so much higher. Remember, you have young players like yourself that don't know better. This losing, I hope, doesn't become contagious.

I mean, your passer rating of 39.8 is a joke. You're making Jake Delhomme, with his 59 percent passing, 2 TD's to 7 INT's and a rating of 54.3 look solid.

This team, scratch that, Al Davis has shown all the confidence possible that he wants you, JaMarcus Russell to lead this team. Let's go over things that have gone on to prove to you that the Oakland Raiders are committed, are you?

2007 NFL Draft; the Raiders had strong armed, second year QB Adrew Walter and Josh McCown available to start. They had no legit WR after trading Randy Moss away. Calvin Johnson was there, a sure shot stud WR with freakish skills. Joe Thomas, another sure shot LT. They weren't looking HB and DE but Adrian Peterson or Gaines Adams were there. THEY CHOSE YOU!

What else? They got you Zach Miller. They got you Mario Henderson. They got you Johnnie Lee Higgins. They got you Michael Bush. They got you Oren O'Neal. All offensive players when the defense has been lacking.

Where's the "thank you"? You hold out. You got your $31.5 million, at the cost of Training Camp, Pre-Season and a chunk of the season. Can't be mad at that because any of us reading this would love to have that money.  Raider fans would chant for you like crazy even though Daunte Culpepper and Josh McCown played decently. But whatever, no need to put forth extra effort.

2008 Draft; They traded some picks for DeAngelo Hall. A month before the draft they signed Javon Walker. They still had their fourth overall pick and decided to get you some more help, Darren McFadden. That's with Justin Fargas, Michael Bush and Dominique Rhodes on the roster. Darren would be a home-run threat that'll take the attention away from the defense. All this, to help you succeed.

2008 Season; Would their be a QB controversy in any way? Nah, with back-ups like Marques Tuiasosopo and Andrew Walter. Them being the back-ups showed the confidence in you. Their play proved it when they had a chance during the season.

You had to deal with three different play-callers, growing pains were expected. Instead of fully concentrated on growing, you had to adjust like a rookie to going off to Training Camp and Pre-Season. Lane Kiffin had a plan to bring you along slowly. Greg Knapp then continued that plan. Tom Cable comes along and opens things up some, it was a bumpy start but you were able progress through it.

2009 Draft; The Raiders, have had a horrible run defense for years. BJ Raji was available, nope. Brian Orakpo, stud pass-rusher, nope. Eugene Monroe, stud Tackle, nope. Michael Crabtree, DIVA WR to disfunctional team, nope. They brought in a specialty player and picked him way before he was projected. Darrius Heyward-Bey was brought in to be an expensive blocking, safety pulling with one reception in one game DECOY. Why? To help open the field, for you.

2009 Off-Season; The Raiders bring in Paul Hackett and Ted Tollner to help you out. That's two veteran coaches that have taught Hall of Fame QB's to help YOU. You come in out of shape.

Jeff Garicia comes in at the age of 39 to back you up while allowing him to live close to home. Garcia, being the competitor that he is, wouldn't accept the back-up role and would let it be known. Garcia knew that Russell was going to be the man regardless of his play, so he wanted out and got out.

You hold a passing camp with great timing. Right. It had to be more of a media ploy more then anything. No Javon Walker, no Johnnie Lee Higgins, no Darrius Heyward-Bey and no Zach Miller. Due to injuries, the timing was horrible. But hey, you tried.

Which back-ups did the Raiders chose to role with? Brad Gradkowski and Charlie Frye. In other words, the job is yours, don't trip.

Which leads us the happenings at the Raiders game this Sunday. Not on the field, thanks to you we were deprived, but in the stands. The booing going on was ridiculously loud. After that second interception they began but come the third quarter, it was loud.

After the booing because of you going on the field, the "Russell Sucks" chants started. A good portion of the 45,000 in attendance let you hear it. Dude, there's even footage of upset fans burning your Authentic jersey in the parking lot after the game.

Paul Hackett has let it be known he's unhappy with your progression. Tom Cable, without directly pointing, put you in the 10% of the team that needs to catch up. The fans told you what's up during the last game. The attendance was the lowest since Kerry Collins last game here January 1, 2005. That team sucked. That game capped off a six game losing streak. It capped eight losses in nine games. A two and six home record. And a four and twelve season that landed you here.

David Carr, Alex Smith and Tim Couch are going to be names you're grouped with for the rest of your career. The problem being, those guys didn't get half the players the Raiders have gotten you to succeed.

Put up or kick rocks JaMarcus. The Eagles just released Jeff Garcia. As much as I was against it during the off-season, we need him back. Get him in and put you on the bench for a few games. If the light doesn't click on you can gladly get going. If you expect sympathy from us regular folks making $30,000-$75,000 a year to watch you half ass your way to a check, you got us all messed up. You expect people to bust their ass working during tough economic times to see your pudgy ass not care, NOPE.

You're lucky the senile old man loves you for no apparent reason then your arm. After you leave Oakland, no one in the league will want you. Not after the help that they tried to give you here and YOUR LACK OF EFFORT.

Had to vent and let out frustration. I spent damn near a grand on my one season ticket with my buddies for this? Horrible.