HulkaMania Is Runnin' Wild!...In The Land Down Under.

Blue ChipCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2009

Hulkamania is running wild as Australia awaits the world famous, superstar tour.


          Hulk Hogan comes out of retirement and brings a world renowned Ric Flair with him. Hogan has had a tumultuous journey, overcoming a plethora of obstacles prior to this tour.

Hogan’s good fortune and full-time wrestling career drew to a close at the end of 2003, when the WWE did not renew his contract. 


          Hogan experimented with several endeavors in an attempt to resurrect his wrestling career. Since Hogan had been limited to making part-time appearances in the WWE, ventures included Memphis Wrestling and PMG Legends. He entered (and won) a “Mr. America” contest to bring in his salary.


          Hogan’s personal life had become unstable as he began his reality TV show (In 2005), “Hogan Knows Best.” Personal family issues were aired, including his divorce from his long time wife, his son jailed; Hogan admitted during his reality show, that he was not generating any income.


          In addition to the reality-TV series, Hogan had a brief stint, bringing back American Gladiators. After these projects had run their course, it seemed Hogan was only down to endorsements in food, energy drinks.


          Now, Hulk Hogan has a chance to rise from the ashes, as he launches his “Hulkamania” tour. The tour entitled “Let the Battle Begin,” will bring with it, a wrestling card, unlike any fan has seen before.


          This brainchild of Eric Bischoff, has unlocked the prospect of Hogan’s return to the ring. Hogan and Bischoff have not always seen eye to eye. Hogan was under the employee of Bischoff when he wrestled for Ted Turner’s W.C.W. The two have decided to set their differences aside, as they ban together, to begin the tour.


          The week long tour through Australia will begin in Melbourne at the Rod Laver Arena, on November 21st.  Every stop will feature several past, and future, main-eventers. The Tour Makes its way through Perth, Brisbane and ends on Nov. 28th at the Sydney Acer Arena.


          Each venue will play host to a standing Main Event. Ric Flair will come out of retirement to battle “The Immortal,” Hulk Hogan.The under-cards will include past WWE greats.


      This long,  Confirmed, list includes; Brutus Beefcake ("The Barber"), Jimmy Hart, the Godfather, Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy), Aumaga (Umaga), Kishi (Rikishi), King V ("Viscera" or "Big daddy V") Orlando Jordan, Val Venise, Vampire Warrior (Gangrel) , Brian Knobs (Nasty Boys) , and many more.


          Many wrestling fans have had issues with this promotion. It seems the most popular dispute, concerns “The Nature Boy,” Ric Flair. Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair had (what was supposed to be) Flair’s last match, during WrestleMania 24.


The following night on Monday Night Raw, Flair ceremoniously left the ring for his final walk down the aisle, as the stars from the locker room and fans, alike bid a tearful goodbye.  This cajole out of retirement, seems to be a slap in the face, to those who watched his “final match.”


          Since leaving the WWE, both Flair and Hogan, have resorted to wrestling in V.F.W. and college basketball arenas to try and make ends meet. This seems oddly reminiscent of Mickey Rourke’s role in “The Wrestler.” The Superstars on the list, are wrestlers that have also, been shun from the WWE.


          One could Contest several aspects of this promotion, they may be averse to. The fact is, if two or three wrestlers are “washed up,” they will flounder. The Idea behind this promotion seems to be, “If these wash-ups form an alliance, they may be able to bring something to the table.”


           Recently, when asked about the tour, Good Ol' JR stated, "I can't speak for WWE or the industry but personally I hope that Hulk's tour is successful and the talents earn some great cash. There is plenty of business to go around for everyone in my opinion. I am not sure what kind of show that Hogan will promote but it will honestly feature more sizzle than steak but could be fun to attend nonetheless."


          “The Hulkster,” stated, that he is doing this because; “I have always wanted to wrestle in Australia. The fans there really love Wrestling.” When this tour has concluded, the attendance will be under intense scrutiny. The obvious reason would be to sell as many seats as possible. The ambiguous motive may be, to gauge the success of this tour, in hopes of creating something bigger.


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