Packers' Fan Torn Due To Un-Favre-Getable Memories

Tony TuckerCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2009

6 Nov 2000:  Quarterback Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers celebrates a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings in the second quarter at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. <DIGITAL IMAGE> Mandatory Credit: Matthew Stockman/ALLSPORT

Most sports fans know that old Yankee Stadium was referred to as 'The House That Ruth Built'; well, I like to refer to myself as 'The Fan That Favre Built'.

As Favre and the Vikings spend all week gearing up for a match up against the rival Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football, I find myself torn as to who I shall cheer for on this Monday night.

I have tried to explain my feelings on the situation to many people but never seem to get through to them how agonizing this is for me as a Packers' fan. This is not true for all Packers' fans, but for myself this is the way I can best describe it...

A true sports fan develops a relationship with a team, kind of like an extended family.  In my case it was the Green Bay Packers.

During the 1991 campaign was when I came across the Packers.  It started off as nothing serious, I would catch the occasional game when I could.  I had no strong attachments to any of the players.  There was one guy who was kind of cool; they called him Don 'the Majik Man' Majikowski.  He had a sweet mullet but he was nothing special.

The 1992 season started off much like the last had ended, no strong attachments, just cheering for a team to win.

In the third game of that season the so called 'majik man' suffered an injury and was pulled from the game.  He was replaced by a player who's last name I could not pronounce. That players' name was Brett Favre.

At first he didn't seem like much, fumbling the ball 4 times after he entered the game and the team was losing with 1:07 to go in the 4th quarter against the Bengals.

And that's when it happened!  From their own 8 yard line, he led them down the field and threw a game winning touchdown to Kitrick Taylor for 24 - 23 final.  The excitement I felt was unmatched and over the next several weeks I saw a tremendous amount of potential in a future relationship.

The following two season he would lead the team to the playoffs and things started to get serious.  I thought to myself, could he be the one?

1995 was the first of three consecutive MVP's and our farthest trip in the playoffs since Lombardi.  It would end in defeat at the hands of the hated Cowboys, but I never doubted that he would get the ring!

Like all healthy relationships one person had to suffer from a drug addiction, so in 1996 Favre went to rehab for vicodine abuse.  Like most of his strong supporters, we cheered him on and he was better than ever, having one of his best season.

Against the New England Patriots in Superbowl 31, Brett made it official and brought the Lombardi trophy home where it belonged.

He would soon sign a life time contract, making us seemingly inseparable. 

Sure over the next ten years the marriage between Favre and Packer fans had its ups and downs: losing in the 1997 Superbowl to the Broncos and tough games against the Eagles and Rams.  On the other hand we saw him break almost every great passing record held by Marino and no matter how banged up he was, he never let us down.  He was out there fighting every single game.

After a couple of down years in 2005-2006, it seemed like the 2007 season was going to be the perfect way to say goodbye, by getting a chance to win another Superbowl against the Patriots.  But it was to no avail, and that appeared to be the end of a beautiful relationship.

In March of 2008, Favre would say his goodbyes to us as a member on the field but not to the Packer Family.  He felt at that point he had nothing left to give and how was I supposed to be mad?  I was sad but not angry with his decision.

Wait!  What's this?  In July of 2008 he announces that he's ready for at least one more go!

Much to my surprise and soon after state of depression, the evil step-father of the Packers' Organization, Ted Thompson would release a statement saying that Brett Favre would be traded and Aaron Rodgers would be the teams future quarterback.

I felt like someone had taken a louisville slugger to my midsection.

What the "F" happened?

The greatest player in the teams history wants to come back after coming off a 13 - 3 season in which we were a couple plays away from the Superbowl and someone decides to go with an injury prone kid who is unproven.

I get the 'pro verses con' side of Ted Thompson's decision to move on but I will never agree with it and would not have done that if I were making the decisions.  I would have let him play until we carried him off the field and almost all Packers' fans would have supported my decision.

I heard a lot of crap about fielding the best team and the future, blah blah blah.  If that were the case then why didn't we trade for Randy Moss when all Oakland wanted was a 4th round bag of chips.  Also, he never pulled the trigger on a couple of deals in various off seasons either and it wasn't like there was lack of cap space.

Moving on, Favre was traded to the Jets pretty much against his will.  Favre got there at the end of training camp learned a new system within a matter of weeks, had less talent on offense, and still out performed the the Packers.

Favre announced his retirement again, except this time I was not sad.  If anyone thought he was done then they were fooling themselves.

We already know the story about the Vikings tampering charges in 2008, and his desire to go there when the Packers told him he could come to camp and compete for the starting job.

Thompson & McCarthy, who do you think you are?  Trade him if you want, but don't offer a man who played 250 consecutive games for you and your fans a chance to get on the field by winning his job back.

BTW he would have smoked Rodgers for that job!

I consider myself a Packers fan and on the same level a fan of the man who was most influencial in creating that love.

This game for me is like watching a fight between my wife of 16 plus years and my family.  Since my wife and family have stopped talking, I find myself staying strong with the family on their position and supportive of my wife because they both played a part in this whole debacle.

Since the family stopped getting along, I have not fully choosen a side, and will not in this game on Monday night.

I will watch them get together in the same room and argue it out.  Both sides get what ever is coming to them and I know ultimately in the end it's going to end up one happy family, even if it takes years of sorting out.