Bugeatersteve's 2009 Bottom Five Rankings: Week Four

Bugeatersteve StuchlikCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2009

As I pointed out last week, the best of the worst are starting to really show themselves as there was only one new arrival to the bottom five for this week’s poll. I don’t want to delay you any longer with my excess dribble, so here are your bottom feeders for the week.

Cover your eyes if you are prone to sickness from the horror!

The team’s previous ranking is in parenthesis.

No. 5 (NR) Rice Sparrows—0-4. Welcome, Rice, as you make your 2009 debut into the bottom five with a resounding loss to Vanderbilt, 36-17. For the season, Rice-a-Loni has been outscored to the tune of 75-176, an average game of 44-19. Their upcoming loss this Saturday will be at home to Tulsa. 

No. 4 (5)—Western Kentucky Flat Toppers—0-4. Well, I almost had to put myself into the bottom five, as I reported last week that the Flat Toppers were off this past Saturday, err, that would be a BIG no as they caved to Navy by the score of 38-22 to fall to 0-4 on the season. They are off this week and then take on fellow winless and conference foe, Florida International, on October 10th.

No. 3 (3)—Virginia Calves—0-3. This was a team that received a “mental victory” last Saturday, as they were off. However, all good things must come to an end as they look to be on the receiving end of a horrific beat down in their conference opener to North Carolina, who suffered their first loss of the season last week.

No. 2 (2)—Miami (Ohio) Red Chicks—0-4. This team was quite impressive last week in their loss to Kent State. Although they lost by 10, MO out-gained the “Golden Flashes” 552 to 250. However, when you allow a blocked punt, throw two interceptions, lose three fumbles, and don’t cause a single turnover yourself, well let's just say that will keep you in the bottom five EVERY TIME! Next loss on Saturday will be to Cincinnati. 

No. 1 (1)—New Mexico Lubes—0-4.  In the battle of the ages for the bragging rights in New Mexico, the Lubes sucked it up by snatching defeat from the mouth of victory by allowing New Mexico State to score with 39 seconds left in the game to go down the drain once again, 20 to 17. This was the 100th game in this storied rivalry and snapped a six-game winning streak by the Lubes. Next loss to Texas Tech this Saturday.

Dropping out of the bottom dwellers was San Jose State, who defeated powerhouse Cal-Poly. Just on the outside looking in on the bottom five are Ball State, Nevada, and Sun Belt brothers Florida Atlantic and Florida International.

See you again next week.