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STATE COLLEGE, PA ? NOVEMBER 18:  Penn State head coach Joe Paterno gives the thumbs up as he arrives at the press elevator before the start of Penn State's game against Michigan State November 18, 2006 in State College, Pennsylvania. Paterno arrived for his first game back since being injured during a game in Wisconsin two weeks ago.  (Photo by Steve Manuel-Pool/Getty Images)

First of all, I am a Michigan fan, so I'm sorry for any 'biased opinions'. This is my first article as well, but hell, I'm bored - College Football Predictions are much more fun!

I have a feeling this photo of Jo Pa wasn't after his teams most recent performance..

1. Florida - Bye.

Question: Will Tebow be ready for LSU?

2. Texas - Bye, as well. Taking a break afer their tight game with UTEP.

3. Alabama - @ Kentucky

I am expecting Bama to go in and wipe the floor with Kentucky. However, I think Kentucky puts up more of a fight that that dismal first quarter against Florida. Bama still wins big 38-14.

4. #4 LSU @ @ #18 Georgia-

This has the makings of game of the week. Georgia seems to be a more well rounded team than last, and are playing well. They have faced some fairly tough opponents, and succeeded except against Bama. LSU, on the other hand, really has faced NO ONE. Yes, I'm including Washington in the 'no one' category.

Dawgs win this one in their home kennel 21-13

5. Boise State vs UC Davis -

Who? Boise 56-0, after they take out their starters after one series in the 2nd half.

6. Va Tech @ Duke -

Duke is showing signs of improvement, however, they are minimal. The Hokies are riding high after their big win against the 'canes. Expect a slow start with Va Tech, but end up winning it big.

Hokies win 40-13

7. #7 USC Trojans @ #24 Cal Bears

First of all, I hope USC's running back recovers from the freak accident in the weight-room. Prayers are with him. That being said. USC will come in fired up, wanting a win for their wounded soldier. The Bears licking their wounds after their beat down at the Duck's pond. Which, was at the least EMBARRASSING. Both teams are fighting for their seasons here. Should be an emotion filled ball game.

USC scores go ahead touchdown in the 4th, Cal tries to come back, but falls just shy. (Bold prediction, I know.)

USC 21 Cal 20.

8. #8 Oklahoma @ #17 Miami (FL)

Will Bradford be back? Which 'Canes team will show up? Miami has a plus here, being at their home field. If Bradford is back, OU prevails. If he isn't, Miami comes up with a close win. However, the 'Canes laid an egg against the Hokies, almost as big as OU did at a neutral site against BYU.

Prediction: Bradford is back, leads his team to a 28-24 shoot-out

9. Ohio St. @ Indiana

Indiana isn't looking to bad. Gave my wolverines a pretty close game, that could have been closer if the refs hadn't made a weird call on the tug of war ball when Indy was trying to drive late in the game. The Buckeyes better go in with their stuff together. If they do, they will win respectably.

Buckeyes take one from the Hoosiers 35-21

10. Cincinnati @ Miami (OH)

Cincinnati is playing great football. They are a very intriguing team. The Bearcats play one of the 'Bottom Ten'. And it will Show.

Cincinnati 42 - Miami - 3  (if Miami gets lucky)

11. TCU vs SMU

TCU has a great defense, one of the best in the nation. This week won't be much of a test.

TCU wins 34-0

12. Houston vs UTEP

Very exciting team to watch.

Houston starts it's very un-challenging conference play this week, and looks to have the easiest shot at going un-defeated in the nation. They have three traps that they could possibly fall into left on the schedule. @ Miss St (next week), @ Tulsa in November (very high powered offense, probably will have 100 points scored between the two) and Southern Miss - who I think is a team with high potential.

They will have absolutely no trouble this week, as tlong as they come in and don't play down to their opponent's level.

Houston wins big 56-14.

13. Iowa vs Arkansas State

I really hate to dog my own conference, but here goes.

Iowa beat a 'decent' Penn St. team, and went from un-ranked to ranked 13th. Really? Who had Penn St. played to earn their recent ranking? Temple? Akron? Who?

Iowa barely clipped N. Iowa. This is the most over-ranked team in the nation after last weeks win.

However, they will win easily this week. But will be tried and their rankings proven wrong in the rankings in the next few weeks to come.

Iowa 42-7

14.  Oklahoma St. - Bye.

15. Penn St @ Illinois

Penn State has to be embarrassed. 2 years in a row?  They will take it out on the Fighting Illini, that don't have anything to fight about. The only fighting that will take place in Illinois is the coach fighting with the university of Illinois on how much longer until he must 'voluntarily resign.'

Penn State embarrasses them. 38-10

16. Oregon Ducks vs Washington State

Before the season, the ducks were flying high. Blount was supposed to have a great year. Then mayhem struck after their performance to Boise. After that loss, Oregon has seemed to come together. They are playing great football, and have won two big games in a row. They might as well go ahead and send their practice squad to this one.

If the starters show up, then they win 42-0, if they send their practice squad, then they still win 35-3. :)

17. Miami (FL) see above (vs. OU)

18. Kansas - Bye.

19. Georgia - see above (vs. LSU)

20. BYU vs Utah State

BYU. What can I say about them? They beat up on OU, then play no one, then get embarrassed by Florida State at home. Which team will show up the rest of the season?

They will be uncontested here though.

BYU wins 31-14

21. Ole Miss vs Vandy

I hope Ole Miss doesn't go to Vanderbilt expecting them to rollover for them just because they are 'ranked', like they seemingly expected out of the under-rated Game Cocks. If they do, they may be kissing their season good-bye. Vandy has given both LSU and Mississippi St respectable games. Their defense is legit. I am putting Ole Miss on upset watch here. However, I think they will come together after last weeks loss, and win in a defensive dog-fight.

Ole Miss nips Vandy 17-10.

22. Michigan @ Michigan State

Rivalry Game. First game for freshman quarterbacks away from the comfort of their own Big House. Forcier may not be able to play much, although he completed a great pass for the UM win in the fourth quarter. As much as I love my Wolverines, I am putting this one on upset alert as well. Michigan State has not played to their potential, and gave the Irish a run for their money. The Wolverines had better come to East Lansing ready to play, or they may end up disappointed.

Wolverines go into East Lansing ready to play, win in OT 27-23.

23. Nebraska - Bye.

This team is the most under-rated team in the nation. They played the Hokies close at Va Tech, and they are at 23. Sad. Then again, they haven't played any notable team besides Va Tech. I think they will come out and play hard the rest of the season, and win the Big 12 North.

24. Cal (See above vs. USC)

25. Georgia Tech @ Miss St.

Mississippi State is no 'gimme' win. They have a fairly tough D, and gave LSU all they wanted. Georgia Tech's option is amazing though. This will be a great game. Ga Tech's D will need to be stepping it up. This may be a defensive battle. I will put this as my 3rd upset alert (by a non-ranked opponent).

Ga Tech wins a nail biter 14-10.

Most under-rated teams:

Nebraska, Georgia, South Carolina, Arizona St.

Most over-rated teams:

Mississippi, Penn State, Iowa,

Teams that could do some damage, but still something to prove:

Tulsa, Michigan, Notre Dame, So. Florida, UCLA, Missouri, Baylor

Hope you enjoyed the read. My first article. Hopefully I get some positive and negative input! Thanks guys. Go blue.


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