Dallas Cowboys: Walking a Tightrope Over Disaster

Chad HensleyCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2009

The Dallas Cowboys almost made the entire NFL, and its fans, forget about the Washington Redskins losing to the Detroit Lions.

Losing to the Carolina Panthers wouldn't have been a "worse" loss, but the Cowboys are America's Team.  It comes with the territory.

Instead, the Cowboys squeaked out a 21-7 win over the hapless Panthers. 

Things could have been much worse.

The same culprit I wrote about last year here, here, here and here, and most recently here, is the reason the Cowboys will continue to struggle.

Jason Garrett is the worst offensive coordinator in the NFL, in relation to the talent that he has to work with.  There is no one who misuses talent like "Red Headed Jesus."

I'm not going to repeat what I said in those columns, just take the opposing team, change it to Carolina, and the result is the same.

Wait.  They had over 200 yards of rushing offense two weeks in a row?  They lead the NFL in rushing? So is Garrett finally coming through? 

Not so much.

The yardage is greater than in the past, but a lot of that is attributed to Felix Jones, the most exciting player in the NFL, outside of Adrian Peterson. 

The timing and sequence of rushing attempts, is the biggest problem in Dallas right now.

Would you believe, that despite a 7.5 yards-per-rush average in the first half, the Cowboys never ran the ball two times in a row?

And what about that debacle down at the goal line, with two fades from the one-yard line, despite all the success running the ball.  

The Cowboys probably left 14-21 points on the board last night, and it was all due to this complex that Garrett has about running the football.

Quite frankly, the Cowboys will not beat the good teams in the NFL with this kind of gameplan.  

In fact, the Cowboys would not have beaten the Redskins last night.  Their defense is good, and Jason Campbell doesn't throw interceptions. 

The truth hurts.

Another question I have is, why hasn't the Dallas media jumped all over this?  It is almost like CNN not covering ACORN or the Van Jones stories.  It doesn't make any sense.

The media needs to ask the tough questions, even after a win, because there are a lot of fans who are completely frustrated with his incompetence.

There is a poll here that asked, "Is the Cowboys talent being misused on offense?"

Not surprisingly, a lot of fans were drinking the Kool-aid, and 60 percent voted that it wasn't being misused. 

I've decided to put up the same poll, to see how many are now seeing the light.

If anyone knows Garrett, please send it to him. Thanks in advanced.


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