Corinthians: We Can Help Ronaldinho!

Richard MesquitaContributor ISeptember 29, 2009

PESCARA, ITALY - AUGUST 14:  Ronaldinho of AC Milan during the TIM Trophy at 'Adriatico' Stadium on August 14, 2009 in Pescara, Italy.  (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

Last week there were many reports on Andres Sanchez, the Corinthians president, and his trip to Italy supposedly to repatriate Ronaldinho.

Ronaldinho started this season as Berlusconi’s No. 1 man. The man that the players and fans alike would look to lead the Rosonerri back to glory. Leonardo also pointed to him as the one player that could substitute Kaka. 

Thus far, Ronaldinho has failed to impress. After a poor preseason, Ronaldinho had a great opener against Siena but has since struggled to find a place among the starting 11.

Ronaldinho’s poor form has left many fans scratching their heads, asking how it is possible for a player that was, not once but twice, named the best player in the world to lose the ability to play beautiful football?

Should Ronaldinho return to Brazil to find his form? Well, I have heard worse ideas. Let’s take for example what it did for Ronaldo.

Ronaldo returned to Brazil after a career ending injury. After a year of rehabilitation and physical therapy, Ronaldo returned to the pitch this time playing for Corinthians. Playing for one of Brazil’s most prestigious teams, Ronaldo has once again found the love he has for football. He found his smile again. Not worried about critics or sponsors, Ronaldo began to do what he does best, that is, scoring goals.

Another perfect example is Adriano. Once hailed the “Emperor” by Inter fans, he fell out of favor due to his poor form and his life off the pitch. He returned to Brazil and began playing for Flamengo.

Adriano has also found his form.  He has been instrumental in helping Flamengo return to being one of Brazil’s powerhouses. He has even returned to playing for the national team.

Corinthians president Andres Sanchez has said that “we can help Ronaldinho find his form”.  He mentioned that if Ronaldinho shows any interest in returning to Brazil he will obtain the funds to repatriate him.

So, should Ronaldinho return to Brazil?

I believe that Ronaldinho at his current form has much to offer the Serie A. I think that he can still do many wonderful things for AC Milan.

What do you think?