West Virginia-Colorado: Speed Is the Theme of the John Denver Sing-Along Bowl

Tim McGheeCorrespondent IIISeptember 29, 2009

BOULDER, CO - SEPTEMBER 18:  Running back Noel Devine #7 of the West Virginia Mountaineers tries to elude the Colorado Buffaloes defense at Folsom Field September 18, 2008 in Boulder, Colorado. Colorado defeated West Virginia 17-14 in overtime.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

My daughter the nurse is like other good nurses, technically astute and above all compassionate.  She cares deeply for her patients. 

I was there with tears when she recited the Florence Nightingale Pledge.  I'm proud of her.

Mountaineer football, however?  Not so much on the compassion front.  I sent her a text yesterday, saying, "I'm reading the Buffaloes are pretty damned cocky!"

Her texted reply: "Good.  I hope we embarrass them on national television."

I'm very proud of her.

When the matchup is speed versus speed, Auburn had a difficult time with West Virginia.  It'll be even worse for Colorado.

I'm not just talking about Noel Devine and the receivers.  I'm talking all aspects of defense as well as - and this may surprise some folks - special teams, especially kickoff coverage.

Mountaineer guards are faster than Buffalo defensive tackles.  When Colorado lines up in its 3-4, the WVU tackles are quick enough to handle the pass rush of the outside linebackers if they have to. 

West Virginia speed is across the board, right up there with the best the Big XII has to offer.

It's not fair.  And, it is there for the Mounties to exploit.

Don't get me wrong.  Colorado is not going to just show up, put in an evening's work, then check out.  The Buffaloes are accustomed to taking the field with the quick Big XII offenses.  As well, Colorado State is no slouch.  Toledo is fast.

I think West Virginia's speed surprised Auburn.  The Mountaineers are even faster this year than last.  That's good news for WVU.

One Buffs' homer...er...writer gives his T.I.P.S. for a Colorado victory.  And, I quote:

T - Talent "The Mountaineers get the edge here." Edge, as in stiletto.

I - Intangibles "The Buffs actually have a few things working for them here..." That is, if you don't consider a) game in Morgantown, b) Thursday night game in Morgantown, c) Mountaineer retribution for 2008, and d) Mountaineers' Rule for Living: Respect All, Fear None.

P - Prerparation: "Schedule's the same." "A wash." Except for anger over losing a close game to Auburn West Virginia could have and should have won.

S - Statistics: Buff's writer referred to something in the Buffs' favor that's over my head. Something that's not over my head: 508 yards against an SEC defense with 87,000 fans in attendance.

Colorado is making the fatal mistake of extrapolating Jarrett Brown's Auburn performance to its game on Thursday night.  If there should be any comparison, look to Jarrett and what he did to East Carolina.

Since the Buffaloes' secondary is better than that of the Pirates, the WVU quarterback may not throw for 300 and change.  However, he will allow the rejuvenated offensive line to open running lanes for the ultra-fast Noel Devine.

One more thing: in this the John Denver Sing-Along Bowl - "Rocky Mountain High, Colorado" versus "Almost Heaven, West Virginia" - take the advice of John Lennon: give peace a chance. 

That means if it doesn't go Bill Stewart's way and we win by a touchdown or less, please keep your boos and catcalls and expletive-filled suggestions to yourself.

And, as always, West Virginia Mountaineer football is awesome!