How Much is Too Much? Boston Pro Sports Sites Uncovered

Amanda BrunoCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2009
The World Wide Web is making it more and more difficult for Boston sports fans.
With the official launch of ESPN Boston last week, there's now another top notch media outlet to choose from for Boston sports news.
The prime list includes: - The Boston Globe's online home - New England Sports Network primarily Red Sox/Bruins - Radio network website
ESPN Boston - ESPN's city outlet
Sorry Boston Herald, you didn't make the cut.

Boston Sports Media Watch is another great site that pretty much takes content from all of the sites listed above and and more and generates links to every days' tops stories so you don't have to go onto every single website separately and search.
So the question is, which is the best site for Boston sports news?
ESPN Boston already stole away two Globies in New England Patriots beat writer Mike Reiss and staffer Chris Forsberg who was recruited for multimedia purposes.
Who is the next big ticket person to be wooed to the world wide leader in sports?
Some people don't think it's fair that ESPN is starting to outsource to city coverage because it's stealing away from other sites.
It'll be interesting to see if regular readers start visiting ESPN Boston just because of Reiss and Forsberg.
But what about WEEI and NESN? Some web sites are good for certain content, be it blogs, video, live updates, box scores, chats, breaking news, etc.
Will some sites be written off completely?
This forever changing media industry is becoming too much to keep up with and someone is going to have to die off. Not everyone can win.
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