Welcome The World Fighting Federation to The MMA Family

Todd Jackson@tjaxmmaSenior Analyst ISeptember 29, 2009

On October 3rd at 7pm the World Fighting Federation will hold its inaugural event.  The event will be held at the very classy AVA Amphitheater at the Casino Del Sol in Tucson AZ.  The card is a contest between Tucson and Phoenix mixed martial artists.  The event is called the Battle For The Desert and both cities will be fighting for bragging rights to AZ.  
On this card the WFF boasts over a dozen fights.  One notable match is in the heavyweight division. George "The Brown Bomber" Castro looks to throw bombs with Matt Howard in this pro bout.  Castro represents Boxing Inc. in Tucson, and Howard fights out of The Lions Den in Scottsdale. 
George hopes to put Tucson on the map as respectable MMA town.  He told WFFMMA "This is a big fight for Tucson, I don't think Tucson gets the recognition or the support."   Castro will do his part as he vows to "Get it on and throw some bombs".  He is training hard at his gym and he sees the fight ending one way.  His prediction; a knockout. 
Howard is working hard with world class athletes and ready for anything.  He stated "My hands are underestimated" and goes on to say "I'm a mixed martial artist so however the fight plays out I'll be ready for it."  It appears Howard is still in search of a worthy nickname.  Perhaps he can earn it at this fight.    
It should be fun watching these two heavyweights sort it out come fight night.  Another fight worth mentioning is taking place at 170lbs between Tucson's Joey "Boom Boom" Rivera of Apex MMA and Jeff Horlacher of The Box.  There is a hint of history here as Horlacher once knocked out Eddie Arizmendi Jr. a dear friend and student of Rivera at Apex MMA.  This also is a pro bout.  
Rivera seeks no revenge.  "My goal for this fight is to come out with the win, under any circumstances, whether its a knockout or a submission it doesn't make any difference."  Rivera is seeking his third professional victory on record.  He is undefeated in two fights so far.  He has a very slick style of fighting with control and positioning being his strength.      
Horlacher is a veteran of MMA.  With a hunger for an exciting match Horlacher called Rivera out.  "You might as well just get in there and go for the gold and throw down and give the fans the best show of the night."  Quite the line in the sand, this one should be fun.
Also two amateurs with a personal grudge, and a serious bone to pick will square off.  While the issue is held close to the vest by both fighters, the bottom line is there is bad blood. 
Anthony Birchak of 6th Street Gym is working hard with top notch fighters like UFC veteran Drew Fickett.  The emotion of the situation is something he looks to keep under control.  "Right now I'm trying to separate the anger from my game plan, is really the issue right now which isn't going to be a big deal.  Hopefully I can go in dialed in and come out victorious."  
When asked who he was going to fight Nate Vorel of Boxing Inc keeps it simple.  "I guess its Anthony Birchak, I can't wait, it's going to be a brawl."  He goes on to say "It's going to be on like donkey kong, once that door closes, it's going to be on, that's all I've got to say."  Very concise and to the point.
These quotes were taken from the fighters section of the WFF website.  There you will find plenty of information regarding not only these fighters but more about the event itself.  The entire fight card is listed there, as well as information regarding how to attend or support the event.
Another incentive for fight fans to come out and support the WFF is the opportunity to meet a few UFC standouts.  Ryan Bader, C.B. Dalloway, and Efrain Escudero will all be in attendance to meet with local fight fans.  If your in the area don't miss the opportunity to meet these top shelf fighters.  
As far as the WFF goes, it is new to this game but the founders are not.  Al Fuentes has played a pivotal role in the lives or progress of many prestigious athletes and athletic programs both pro and collegiate.  He was an accomplished wrestler, and has helped many pro mixed martial artists in their careers.  His partner, Thom Ortiz served as the head wrestling coach for ASU for eight years. He has coached many prestigious MMA athletes as well.  Now he is not only promoting MMA but a competitor as well.
Their goals are admirable.  To quote their philosophy, "Take care of the people that take care of you".  This is a sound approach in this rapidly growing sport.  What these two men realize is that the warriors sacrificing everything are the true life blood of this sport.  Their commitment to the fighter is what will drive them in their efforts.
These gentlemen are striving to set a standard for MMA by prioritizing the forward movement of their fighters careers.  In addition they intend to provide funding to keep fighters insured and even offer them opportunities to own a share of the brand itself.  What better way to build not only fighter loyalty but also the trust and appreciation of those fight clubs hoping to showcase fighters at WFF shows.
The theories are sound, the intentions are noble, the sky is the limit.  For the World Fighting Federation, this may be their inaugural event, but with an approach and philosophies like theirs, it is the beginning of a long journey that looks to be promising.  Good luck to them and all the fighters competing at the Battle For The Desert.