Beat Mike Week 4 (Season 11)

Mike DiMauroSenior Writer ISeptember 29, 2009

DETROIT, MI - SEPTEMBER 27: Quarterback Matthew Stafford #9 of the Detroit Lions passes the football against the Washington Redskins at Ford Field on September 27, 2009 in Detroit, Michigan. The Lions defeated the Redskins 19-14. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
Beat Mike
Season 11, Week 4
Hello everyone! I would like to welcome you to Week 4 of Beat Mike. You will be getting this newsletter in the early morning hours of Tuesday because the time that I normally do the newsletter is when the power will be out for a house project. Speaking of power, it seems like most of you got that power back for week 3 because all of the scores have been excellent, most of them 10 or above. I think this week will be better than last week for me. My goal for this fall is to go to school and finish up the semester, then hopefully I can make that permanent move to Florida. I hope to get a laptop before I go so that I can send you the BMN newsletters each week. I have some news regarding next weeks picks coming up in the NEWS section that you want to pay attention to. But now, here's the games for Week 4:
Tampa Bay @ Washington (Fox)
New York Giants @ Kansas City (Fox)
Seattle @ Indianapolis (Fox)
Cincinnati @ Cleveland (CBS)
Oakland @ Houston (CBS)
Tennessee @ Jacksonville (CBS)
Detroit @ Chicago (Fox)
Baltimore @ New England (CBS)
Buffalo @ Miami (CBS)
New York Jets @ New Orleans (CBS)
St. Louis @ San Francisco (Fox)
Dallas @ Denver (Fox)
San Diego @ Pittsburgh (NBC)
Green Bay @ Minnesota (ESPN; MONDAY NIGHT)
OPEN DATE: Arizona, Atlanta, Carolina, Philadelphia
DEADLINE: Sunday, October 4 @ 12:55PM ET
1. Starting next week and going up to November 27, you can have a shot of getting some bonus points each week. I am going to offer you a chance to pick the UFL games each week. There will be a max. of 2 games each week, since there are only four teams in the league. Those of you that play on Yahoo, can message me or e-mail me your bonus picks. When I do that schedule on here, their games will be listed in green or different color text (not red because of the AFL legacy games).
2. Speaking of bonus picks, I will be doing the World Series pick'em again this year and you can have a chance to make some bonus points there. I think I will start with the LDS and go onto the LCS and then the World Series and that will be one point per series that you pick correctly on. There might be a separate newsletter for that when it comes out and like with the UFL picks, Yahoo Pick'em users, you can either e-mail me your picks or message them to me. Thanks!
3. I would like to thank you all that came to Stanley Park this weekend for the Autism walk! I am sorry I could not make it, but I have another committment that I needed to attend to.

Good Luck in Week 4
Mike DiMauro