What Has Become of Monday Nights?

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What Has Become of Monday Nights?

RAW tonight was bullshit! MVP and Mark were supposed to win those titles. They had the fuckin' match won.

But you know what's gonna be fucked up? When Rey and Batista win the tag titles, because you know that's what's gonna happen. Bastards were just handed a title shot. Complete and utter bullshit!

I tried being nice but I'm just gonna say it...THE DIVAS DIVISION IS A FUCKING JOKE! In a radio interview, Awesome Kong said she doesn't consider the divas wrestlers and I agree with her.

Ever since Trish and Lita left, the divas division has sucked ass! The only thing they're good for is looking pretty and being Batista's booty calls.

The whole Chavo/Hornswoggle thing is stale as hell. It's quite sad that a wrestler of Chavo's caliber has been reduced to wrestling a midget simply for the entertainment of the little nose pickers in the crowd.

Has WWE forgotten they have an adult audience? I mean for Christ sake the damn wrestlers don't even bleed anymore and I'm not talking about a little trickle of blood. I'm talkin Stone Cold WrestleMania 13 kind of blood!

I'm sure that these little brats can handle a little blood. I can understand them being careful because of HIV and shit, but come on!

And the whole celebrity guest host thing was the dumbest idea ever! They have these celebs come on to host and they can't even get the name of the pay-per-view right.

Like when Jeremy Piven called SummerSlam "Summerfest". Or like last week when Cedric the Entertainer said Thorton instead of Orton.
I hate how Cena won those first two matches by DQ, then SuperCena appeared in the third match after taking all that punishment from Show and Jericho. Then the asshole climbed the cell and gave Orton the Attitude Adjustment....now tell me that isn't bullshit.

What other wrestler do you know that can come back from that kind of punishment (excluding Hogan)? Only satisfying thing about tonight was hearing the fans boo Al Sharpton.

There was a time when I use to get excited that RAW was coming on, but not anymore. The feeling isn't there anymore. I've made up my mind that after 2009 ends, I'm done with WWE Magazine.

I refuse to settle for the mediocre matches they've been dishing out (e.g. Taker/Punk). Looks like if I want to see real great wrestling, I need to watch ROH. I need to watch Puroresu. I need to watch Lucha Libre.


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