Is It Really Worth It? at All?

ChikatiloContributor ISeptember 29, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 27: Justin Fargas #25 of the Oakland Raiders is tackled by Andra Davis #54 of the Denver Broncos on September 27, 2009 during an NFL game at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Well, after over twenty years of deep rooting for the Oakland Raiders, today for the first time I feel tired and indiferent. I can no longer pretend that I relate or sympathize with them.

The pathetic clueless display put on the field today baffles me. I can't fathom how it is that men earning thousands or millions of dollars can put out such a disgusting performance over and over, so much that is point blank disrespectful to the fans, and it has been for quite a while now.

And that is the single fact that has me leaving not only the team, but the NFL and football itself. Back when I started loving the Raiders I was a kid in the mid 80's. I could flavor  some of the 80's glory. But, ever since it has been, well... to sum it up, disappointing and borderline pathetic. I have come to realize ever clearly that I relish those old Raider images of long gone glory and power, the brashness and in-your-face attitude, the rebels, the rudeness, the mightiness, and hence have been longing for those same things to return. True there was some success under Gruden and Gannon, and I say some because of the whimsical way the Super Bowl was lost, and how ridiculous everything Raider has been ever since. Even the Gruden/Gannon era lacks true Raider mystique. Mediocre defences, Wes Coast offense... is that really what we want? is that really... Raider? There will be those who will claim that what matters is being successful no matter how. Might be true, after all the implication is embedded in "Just win baby", nonetheless it just doesn't feel complete. The Raiders are... well, the Raiders, right? otherwise they would be the Cowboys. Where's the power? where is the intimidation? where is the arrogance? and for heaven's sake, where is the pride?

Granted, times are different. Therefore, I came to this dismal thought: the Raiders I love, the Raiders I WANT may NOT be EVER again. There might be some success in the future, this decade, the next or the next, or the next. However, it will be some modern version, no Al Davis, no Raider mantra, just some corporate culture obtained success, like any other big company. The Raiders are just another Corporation, a trademark, not "The" Raiders.

This thought then spread to the fact that it is us the fans that pay for the game. We that consume the team's merchandise and attend the games, watch them on TV and consume the products and services offered by the team's sponsors. Of course, these logic comes around to any job, to our jobs, we owe ourselves to our own clients who in the end pay our wages. I am not saying it as if we all didn't knew about it already. What I imply is that, these Raiders are and have long been earning their wages doing nothing. Like I was asking, how can it be that we those kind of salaries they put on such games? Name the excuse you want; the owner, the coach, the mentality, etc., just for mere decency they should be busting their butts working overtime 12 or 16 hours a day, if not training, watching film, studying plays, or dancing ballet if it helps them to be more balanced and tougher on the field, they should be putting extra work, and exerting to fix things ASAP, not hoping or expecting to fix them over a season or two, that is obscene, outrageous and insulting. There is no urgency whatsoever. Sure, they are a bit tougher than before, but that is not making it.

And the fans, we are to blame to. We should demand, yes, demand, like we would from a public servant or a big company, that the doings and decisions of the team are clearly showed and explained to us, and that our voices be heard, and that the wake up call is today, not tomorrow, not in metaphorical "present" and "future" ways, but NOW, this very instant. Don't get me wrong, I like J. Russell, Coach Cable, Namdi, and every Raider on this team, but they are as sloppy and pathetic as can be. And I demand an in depth explanation and REACTION, more that the typical discourse.
In the end, as I see that will not happen. I see where this is going, and I don't like it, and do not see a valid reason to stand by it any more. I like football because of the Raiders. Even if it completely detriments the concept of competition, I would love to see the Raiders be Super Bowl Champions every single year and other teams just dreaming of getting close to them.

Is not happening, ever, and not even the best real-like version of that, the old Raiders are not coming back. So, I see no reason to be a football fan anymore, and therefore a Raider fan. I won't be wasting my resources and time anymore in this futility. In the end is just a business meant to obtain money from me. And that is just lame, in my own, humble estimation. For all I care the Raiders should cease to exist and actually should have ceased to exist long ago, all that the new Raiders have done is disgrace the name, bringing down a historically successful franchise, even depriving it from one of the greatests titles ever held, the winningest organization of all professional sports in the world. The Raiders and what they stood for are long gone and over. What dresses their uniforms and colors now, is a disgrace and a buffonery. The Raiders should end, and the brats can go ahead and call themselves whatever they want and continue playing in the NFL. I mean, we can't expect the Raiders to dominate the league, right? What's the point in watching the Raiders ridicule themlseves? and if the Raiders are not worth watching... why bother following the NFL? you can argue there are teams worth watching because of how great and beautifully they play it, almost to perfection, you have the Colts, the Saints right now, heck you could all too well watch the Broncos for all that matters. And this would divide the fans, too. If the Raiders disappeared, those with passion for the game, could go on and root for a current succesful franchise they can enjoy watch play. Those with passion for the Raiders would find no other reason to follow the NFL. I find myself in that particular situation. To me, the Raiders have ceased to exist. So I could care less about the NFL. I conclude it is not worth it, at all.