Prince Fielder On The Trading Block Could Be a Good Sign For The Mets

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IISeptember 28, 2009

On Tuesday afternoon, the Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio confirmed to the media that his All-Star first-baseman, Prince Fielder will be on the trading block this winter.

The announcement has already sparked attention in New York as the New York Mets could have interest in Fielder's services. But Mets fans should not get their hopes up way to high, as Fielder is at the peak of his value. It would take a few good prospects to land Prince Fielder in Flushing.

The team that could receive Fielder might have to eat up most of his hefty contract. The husky first-baseman is expected to earn $10.5 million as part of his two year deal with the Brew Crew.

Prince Fielder's statistics can back-up the fact that he could be worth the money. He is hitting .297 and has slugged 43 homers over the wall.With those number not only the Mets will be interested.

Some American League teams will try and acquire Fielder this winter. But most teams in the American League will probably have Fielder move to the designated hitter role. Fielder's defense is not bad. His problem is that he does not have the build to move around like other first-basemen.

The Brewers owner noted that even though Fielder has been hitting so well, it does not mean the team will be winning every day. So if the Mets decide to trade for Fielder and believe that he is the solution to their 2009 troubles, think again.

The Mets and Omar Minaya do not want to commit the same error as the 2008 offseason. Last winter, Minaya believed that by signing Francisco Rodriguez and acquiring JJ Putz his troubles would be over. He was wrong.

This winter the Mets need to address their possible need for a new first-baseman. Fans have already fallen in love with the idea of Daniel Murphy as the 2010 first-baseman. Murphy was a good first-baseman, but certainly will not put up the numbers that Fielder or Delgado have put up in the past. His defense is better than Fielder's, but there will be big shoes to fill in the line-up, if there is no Delgado.

The question arises, whether the Milwaukee will have a fire-sale this winter. They lost Bill Hall and saw him find his stroke in Seattle and their pitching was awful with an ERA of 4.75. It seems like there has not been many good deals made for the Brewers.

If Prince Fielder is in a New York Mets uniform next year, he will remind Mets fans of a Mo Vaughn type of guy on the field and in the line-up.

Fielder's agent is Scott Boras. After this sentence, some people have already stopped reading and given up hope for getting the Brewers first baseman. This takes some teams out of contention for the Fielder sweepstakes. Boras will definitely advertise his client as a player that could be good through his late 30's.

The Brewers have a feeling that in two years, when Fielder hits the market, he will walk away and all they would get is two draft picks. They might as well take advantage now and try and trade Fielder for some good talented and young players.

The Mets have some player that the Brewers might like. The Brewers are focusing on pitching now after losing Sabathia and Sheets this past winter. The Mets could offer Bobby Parnell, Jon Niese, Fernando Martinez, Ike Davis, or Eddie Kunz in any combination of a deal.

The New York Mets and the rest of the baseball world will see how the Prince Fielder sweepstakes play out this winter. If the Mets decide to make a run for him it will be interesting to see who they are willing to give up. So where does Prince Fielder fit? (No pun intended).