Minnesota Twins Must Try to Keep Mauer

Bill MckillopCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2009

The other day when I wrote about the possible offseason trades I started getting emails about Joe Mauer being traded to the Yankees or Red Sox in the upcoming offseason.

The emails all make sense with Mauer’s contract expiring after the 2010 season and the speculation already mounting in Boston and New York. The Yankees have Posada and the Red Sox have Varitek and landing Mauer would be a real boost in the arm for either team without question.

I am going to sail into the wind on this one and build a case for why the Twins needed to make a solid effort to keep Mauer in Minnesota.

(a) The Twins are currently only two games out of 1st place with eight games to go and have a very good chance to catch the Tigers and make it to the post season. The Twins have won 11 out of 12 and could surprise some teams in the post season party if they can get in.

(b) Mauer is the hometown boy and face of the Minnesota franchise, losing Mauer would be like Pujols leaving the Cardinals or Jeter leaving the Yankees. I don’t think you can replace this kind of talent and character. I will use the Kevin Garnett leaving the Timberwolves as a case in point on this one.

(c) The Twins open up the new Target Field next year and that should really give the club a revenue boost. The premium seating tickets will go up by 150% and these added dollars should go into the resign Mauer kitty. Plus you will need him to help you sell the tickets at the new higher prices.

(d) The Twins play in a division that is winnable as the Twins made the post season in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2006. (Hopefully 2009)

(e) I am not sure you can get equal value for Mauer regardless of where you trade him.

Minnesota management and ownership has to at least make an effort to resign Mauer and I mean at least a 15–20 million per year kind of effort. Mauer is more then the stats and numbers he produces. He is arguably one of the top three or four players in the game and is really a good guy with great marketability. He is the star of Minnesota and shipping him out of town without really trying to sign him will leave a cloud over the new stadium.

With all that being said I hope the Minnesota star can star right at home and keep powering the Twins for years to come.