InReview (9/28)

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2009

In Review

Weekly Record: 3-4

Current Record: 77-79

A Glance:
Monday: Another record broken! Looper had the most home runs hit off of a Brewers pitcher ever this season! (L)
Tuesday: No Starting Pitching…Lost a Series to the Cubs at home…at least the Brewers don’t have Milton Bradley (L)
Wednesday: Narv-dog actually has a decent start. Gerut and Prince win it. Last time we see Hells Bells? (W)
Thursday: Suppan gets battered…Happ gets ROY? (L)
Friday: Brewers beat around Cliff Lee…pretend it was CC (W)
Saturday: Braun hits another September walk-off. This time, to no fanfare and little meaning (W)was strong (W)
Sunday: A losing game=a losing home season…(L)


Braun’s game winning home run on Saturday

How well Narveson pitched this week

Braun hitting at least 30 home runs each of this first 3 years!


Having a losing home record this season…the talent on the team coupled with over 3 million fans coming makes that unacceptable

Bush looking like he should have stayed on the DL and shut it down this year

McGehee ending his dream season hurt

Good for the Week

Ryan Braun delivered on Saturday, but he was delivering all week. He hit .400 this past week and finally hit his 30th home run!

Goat for the Week

Dave Bush used to pound the strike zone. Now he just got pounded this week. I know there has to be something still the matter with Bushie, but he was 0-2 this week with a 15.88 ERA in only 5.2 innings.

This Week in Stats

Weekly ERA: 5.43  (20th in the ML)                                     YTD: 4.75 (27th in the ML)
Weekly BA: .289 (8th in the ML)                                         YTD: .262 (15th in the ML)
Weekly Opponents BA: .285 (19th in the ML)                 YTD: .267 (21st in the ML)
Weekly Slugging Percentage: .459 (7th in the ML)     YTD: .425 (10th in the ML)
Weekly Fielding Percentage: .972  (26th in the ML)      YTD: .984 (17th in the ML)

Quick Hitter:

Looper broke Wayne Franklin’s record on Monday. It’s  been the record since 2003.  Before that? It was Mike Caldwell giving up 35 in 1983.

The last time the Brewers had a losing record at home was 2004. They finished 68-93. They still had an attendance of over 2 million. Brewer fans rock.

At least this year wasn’t that bad…then again the expectations this year were huge.

Something to Think About:

Cecil Cooper was fired from the Stro’s. Willie Randolph has said he would be interested in looking at the job. I would coach swap Coop for Willie happily. By the way, Dale Sveum should get coach of the year for the Brewers based on what he’s done for Counsell, Weeks, and Gerut alone (not to mention getting Braun and Fielder up around .300)